What you Should Know about Biomass Pellet Machine

Wood pellet machine

According to Navigant Research, studies shoes that global revenues from biomass power generation are expected to scale the $11.5 billion mark annually by the year 2020. This is can only be acclaimed by the rate at which people are turning to pellet as a source of fuel.

What is a Pellet or Pellet fuel?

Biomass pellets are a form of biofuel primarily
made from compacted organic matter or biomass such as food waste, energy crops, residues from agricultural plants, and virgin lumber. The most common type of pellet is the wood pellet manufactured from sawdust as its main component and other industrial wastes like construction waste materials and furniture wastes. Other sources of industrial waste can include palm kernel shells, tree tops, fruit bunches, coconut shells and tree branches.

What’s the use of Pellet Fuel?

Generally, biomass wood pellets are used as fuels for power generation, industrial or domestic cooking or simply, for heating purposes. This is a type of biofuel popularly preferred because of its density which allows compact storage and high combustion efficiency. Additionally, they come in small sizes allowing easy feeding at precise calibration.

What Produces Pellet Biofuel?

Biomass pellet machine is the source of pellet fuel. This machine compresses various kinds of materials like hulls, chemical wastes, paddy straw, sawdust and many other solid powder materials to form this biofuel, pellet.
Biomass pellet mill features press rollers and rings that work together in compressing this material into biomass pellets.

What are the Components of Biomass Pellet Machine?

Pellet mill machine features independent parts that work simultaneously in feeding, mixing, pelleting to lubricating. The feeder part of this machine uses AC magneto in regulating the speed at which materials are absorbed into the compression chamber and depending on the workload, the feed intake can be adjusted accordingly.

2.Driving part
This part consists of an electromagnetic motor and pin gear reducer which are both connected by a coupling. The driving part is driven by a screw shaft.

3.Screw Feeder
Just like the driving part, a screw feeder features a screw shaft, coupling, steel housing, spirochete and end bearings. Its primary function is to provide the mixer with feedstock

4.Drive System
It comprises of belts and a motor that facilitate the rotational speed of the conditioner.

This is also known as the mixer, it is the chamber where water and feedstock mix. It consists of shaft paddles, end bearings, water pipe and steel housing.

6.Emergent door
It is a small front door that is used to discharge materials in case of an emergency such as a choked palletizing chamber. This door is mounted with hydraulic to facilitate smooth opening and closing.

There are other features that make up biomass pellet machine function as it’s supposed to and they include rind die, reduction box, press rollers, pelleting system and lubricating system.

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