5 Tips for Selecting a Home Water Treatment System

Whole home water treatment

Having access to clean, drinkable water is optimal for a family’s health. When selecting a home water treatment system, it is important to be thorough in your decision process. By taking the following measures, you can ensure that your decision is the best possible option for your family.

  1. Do An Initial Base Assessment

    Before you seek to improve your home’s water quality, it is important to know the current state of your water. Have a water specialist come to your home to make an assessment and recommend the best plan going forward.
  2. Select Improvement Points

    Once you determine the quality of your water, you can determine the aspects that you want to change. Depending on the contaminants your want to reduce, or the properties you want to improve, difference processes might be best for you.
  3. Know The Tools for The Job

    Your water specialist will help you select and install the best system for your needs. As water improvement takes many forms, so do the systems. For reducing contaminants, a home water distiller could be the best option. When trying to reduce bacteria, a UV purification could be best. You and a water professional can also combine different systems to tailer a more holistic water system specifically for your home.
  4. Select the Right Company
  5. When it comes to customizing your whole home water treatment system, it is important to choose the right company to do so. Research all possible water system vendors and installation companies, as well as their certifications. Asking your neighbors for advice is also a great way to choose a company who can accommodate your hyper local needs. Also be sure to check a company’s expertise. For example, when installing a home water distiller, choose a company that specializes in that product.

  6. Budget for All Possible Costs

    After including purchase, installation, and labor costs into your budget, be sure to include future maintenance costs as well. Filtration systems will need to be replaced and cleaned regularly. Ask the product vender about the average lifespan of your product, as well as the recommended maintenance schedule.

Once you identify your home’s needs, select a product and company to address those needs, and prepare for future maintenance of your product, be sure to schedule regular home water assessments. This will ensure the ongoing quality of your home’s water. As your water needs change, reassess your whole home water purification plan.

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