How To Create A Healthy And Safe Lawn With Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care Services

Lawn care services

Americans love a beautiful and well-maintained lawn. It brings out the beauty of your home, makes for a lovely environment to relax in and can even boost your house’s ROI. On the other hand, a poorly maintained lawn covered in brown spots or patches can wear on the self-esteem of the average homeowner. How can you keep your front yard and back yard green and lush with so many different products and techniques scrambling for your attention? Environmentally responsible lawn care services aren’t just a trend — they’re one of the safest and most affordable ways of keeping your lawn healthy no matter the seasons, weather or your budget.

Did You Know?

It helps to know a bit more about your lawn’s unique qualities. Grass plants are anywhere from 75% to 80% water, by weight, and require a delicate touch to reach their full potential. A dense and healthy lawn can prevent run-off, absorbing rainfall up to six times more effectively than even a wheat field and at least four times better than a hay field. Last, but not least, turfgrass is known to control pollution by trapping dust, dirt and harmful elements in the air. Environmentally responsible lawn care services eschew mainstream methods in favor of simplicity and awareness.

What Are Harmful Products?

While you may see plenty of advertisements boasting about the effectiveness of various chemicals, the fact of the matter is the majority of lawn care products can actually do more harm int he long run. Studies have shown up to 60% of nitrogen from fertilizer either runs off or leaches away over time, ending up in ground and surface water nearby. This is hazardous to human and animal consumption — think again before you pick up a pesticide or a chemical that promises to grow your grass overnight!

How Can I Support The Environment?

The environment is our responsibility to look after. Even a minor oversight can have long-term consequences — studies have shown up to 70 million birds die from pesticide poisoning every year in the United States alone. This has a notable impact on forests and rivers, with bugs overpopulating and being more likely to spread disease without birds to keep them in check. Close to 70 million pounds of pesticides (that of which includes herbicides and related products) are applied to American lawns on a yearly basis. This is almost ten times the amount sprinkled over American farmland!

How Can I Improve My Soil?

Keeping your soil moist and filled with nutrients is more than possible. A soil test can tell you what the pH level is as well as whether or not your soil is in need of additional nutrients — no matter the type of grass, you’re best off maintaining a pH between 6.5 and 7.0. Leaving your grass a little longer, at around two and a half to three inches, can also improve your lawn’s health. Make sure not to step on your grass in the morning when it’s cold and frosty, as the now brittle stems are more prone to breaking and that can affect your grass’ ability to grow.

How Do I Use Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care Services?

Organic lawn care is the way of the future. It goes a long way in reducing harm to the environment, from birds to earthworms, by drastically reducing the need for harsh chemicals. It also places great emphasis on natural methods, favoring a simple approach to cultivate a lawn’s potential and bring out its most vibrant color and life. If you’re still unsure about how to create a naturally healthy lawn, seeking out organic lawn care services will help immensely in helping you get on the right track. Creating cleaner air, a safer growing environment and a beautiful lawn has never been easier with environmentally responsible lawn care services.

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