The Safe Approach To Camping With An RV

Motorhome jack pads

There is something about recreation vehicles that just haven’t gone out of style. RVs have existed for decades, and while they initially seemed like fads to some, they’re still going strong in terms of sales and usage. In fact, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association reports that about 8.9 million households own an RV. For that matter, the revenue of campgrounds and RV parks in 2013 was estimated at around $5 billion. With that being said, it’s not enough to simply use RVs — you have to use them safely. Yes, they’re fun. But they can also be dangerous if not handled correctly. People who use RVs incorrectly not only risk hurting themselves, but anyone within the vicinity of their RVs. This is particularly risky when people park their RVs at crowded campgrounds or RV parks. People who use RVs need to do so with the proper equipment — this can include motorhome jack pads. Motorhome jack pads can be used, obviously, for motorhomes; but they are also jack pads for RVs. In fact, they’re fairly similar to stabilizer pads for cranes, meaning that they can do a lot in terms of making your RV safer to use. Not only does using motorhome jack pads ensure that your RV is stabilized — it also protections the ground around your RV. Below, we’ll look into the advantages of camping with RVs — and the importance of using things like motorhome jack pads in concurrence with your RV.

Why Do People Camp With RVs?

If you camp with an RV, chances are that you will at some point encounter a “purist” who doesn’t believe in camping with an RV. They would rather everyone camped with nothing but a typical car and a tent — sometimes not even that. But the fact is that traditional camping, while it has its appeal, isn’t for everyone. A lot of people choose to camp with RVs, and that number will likely only rise. The 2014 American Camping Report indicated that 16% of campers do so with RVs; and camping with an RV isn’t “lesser” than camping without one. It’s just different, and is much safer for an inexperienced camper and families than traditional camping. For that matter, it’s more convenient. Camping with an RV means that you have everything you need in one vehicle. This makes your packing process much simpler, and in general opens up different possibilities when it comes to camping. Because you’ll have your own bathroom in your RV, you don’t have to look for a campground that offers toilets or showers. For that matter, old-fashioned camping can be rough on children, and camping with an RV is often easier for families. It’s more comfortable, and that means less stress for parents and more fun for children. Camping is also safer when it comes to areas populated by wild animals like bears. It makes it easier for you to seal up things like food that could tempt predators, and in a worst case scenario, you’re safer in an RV than a flimsy tent.

Why Use Camper Jack Pads And Ground Protection Mats?

The fact is that RVs and campers are bulky, and therefore are susceptible to destabilizing in certain terrains. This is especially true in areas that are prone to dampness. RVs can become stuck in the mud without jack pads. This can turn a fun camping trip into a potentially expensive ordeal. For that matter, if you’re camping in a high altitude area or an area with slopes, your RV is much safer if you use jack pads to keep it in place. Without jack pads, RVs can roll and potentially injure people. Ground protection mats are equally important, especially in campgrounds where owners are concerned about the ground being damaged by RVs. In general, everyone benefits from RV users using the right equipment — so why not be as thorough, and as safe, as possible?

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