Consequences For Failing To Clean Your Gutters? Actually, Yes

Gutters are an essential part of your roofing system. Gutters determine where rainwater is channeled. Gutters help to move water away from your foundation, reduce erosion around the foundation, and support your roof by keeping water from pooling.
No one likes to clean out their gutters for a good reason. Gutters can clog with leaf litter and organic debris, creating a slimy-smelling mess. A leaf guard can help to keep leaf litter and other debris out of your gutter.
Leaf guard gutters on garage roofs and the house can cut down the amount of work it takes to keep your gutters free and clear of debris. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a leaf guard system with leaf guard end caps on your gutter, you must drag the ladder out and clean them out regularly. Finding the time to manage your gutters is hard when you have other things to worry about.
Cleaning gutters is certainly not a favorite pastime for anyone. However, there are serious consequences when you don’t clean them, and your gutters become clogged. It is essential that you understand what can happen if you don’t install a box gutter leaf guard and don’t clean your gutters regularly.

House gutter cleaning service

Every home owner knows the importance of maintaining their homes, both for safety and appearance reasons. But most of the time, when people think about the upkeep of their homes, they think of peeling paint and rickety stairs, water heaters that need repairs and leaky faucets. What they do not tend to think of is their rain gutters and their downspouts, both of which play very important roles in keeping their homes safe and beautiful.

The general purpose of guttering is to get fallen rain off the roof of your home and as far away from the house as possible. However, since, if the water were to just sit in the gutters, it would cause damage to both the gutter system and the rest of the home, downspouts are also put into place. As a rule of thumb, for every thirty to forty feet of linear gutter you have, you should also have one downspout; if looking to increase the capacity of your system during the gutter installation process, or if simply looking to repair old gutters, all you would need to do is add extra downspouts.

You can add all the downspouts you want, of course, but if they aren’t clean they probably won’t do you any good; the only good downspout is a clean downspout. Since they’re used to help prevent the erosion of soil close to the house to keep the foundation in tact, it’s for the best that they’re kept clean so they can function properly. Without clean downspouts, your gutters are likely to suffer from blockage as well, leaving you in a situation much like that of not having downspouts to begin with.

To prevent any damages and grievances one might experience from blockages in the downspouts and gutters, it’s recommended that you clean your gutters and downspouts at least twice a year. It’s a small price to pay less often than one might think to protect your home, after all.

And just think, at least cleaning your gutters isn’t going to be anywhere near as time consuming as scrubbing your driveway would be.

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