How New Window Installation Could Save You Money On Your Energy Bill

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If you are a homeowner, and you have not carefully planned for home maintenance projects and home repairs, it is time to start. Each year, it is essential to consider what areas of your home need attention. You can do this by having different companies inspect parts of your home from the roof, to the siding, to the windows and doors. In the long run, you will be glad you dedicated time, money and energy to home maintenance each year rather than waiting for something very drastic to happen costing more money than it should.

Statistics show that the majority of homeowners plan to renovate their homes in order to keep the home?s value high rather than letting the home?s value decrease over the years. This is a great plan, especially when it comes to wanting to save money.

Not sure where to start with home inspections, home maintenance and home repair projects? One of the best places to start is with your home windows. Residential window replacement and residential window installation are two things all homeowners should consider and assess annually. If your home windows are overlooked, it can be detrimental to your home, your energy bill and your home?s value as time progresses and your house ages.

If you simply have your home windows inspected and maintained over the years, that is one of the easiest ways to keep them in the best shape. For instance, it is expected that your windows could last anywhere up to twenty years longer if you keep an eye on them rather than letting them break or wear down.

It also helps if your windows are of high quality. This will automatically add to their lifespan. Lower quality windows simply cannot last as long as high quality windows. Additionally, lower quality windows cost you more when it comes to repairs and maintenance and the cost of your energy bill every month. If you have lower quality windows like single-pane windows, it is likely they are letting air escape due to their likelihood to be drafty. This affects anywhere from 10 to 25 percent of your energy bill.

If you still have single-pane windows, you should definitely consider finding a residential window installation company who can install double-pane windows in your home. In comparison to single-pane windows, double-pane windows can be more than two times effective. They help retain heat and air conditioning in your home that much better. This helps you in two ways. First, it keeps your home as warm or as cool as you need all of the time. Second, it keeps your energy bill lower as you are not wasting energy trying to make up for the loss of heat or air conditioning through drafty windows.

Keep in mind, it is important to come up with a budget for any and all home maintenance projects, home repairs or installations like residential window installation. You do not want to go over your budget due to a lack of planning. If you are considering replacing your windows, know that you will need around $300 to $700 for each window that you would like to replace in your home.

It might feel like a lot of money at the time, but in the long run, you will make up the money you spend on window replacement with what you save on your energy bill every month. In fact, statistics show that investments homeowners make into their homes usually yield profitable results eventually. For example, in regards to residential window installation and replacement, around 80 percent of your investment is returned, according to the National Association of Realtors. Statistics such as this make home maintenance projects and repairs even more beneficial to homeowners as you are keeping your home safe, keeping its value high and seeing a return on your investment with each and every project.

Have you done any home repairs or home maintenance projects recently? Do you plan to get replacement windows this year for any single-pane windows in your home? Let us know in the comments about your experience with home repairs.

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