How New Acoutsic Building Materials Can Create Healthier Living Spaces

Acoustical ceilings

Designers, architects and builders are turning to new materials to incorporate sound design into new and existing buildings. In homes, schools, and hospitals, eliminating outside sound is a priority. In concert halls, studios and classrooms, internal sound quality matters as much as soundproofing. In restaurants, airports and large concourses, sound muffling creates little islands of quiet where people can have conversations. New acoustic building products like soundproof wall panels and ceiling clouds make it possible to incorporate sound management and control into building design without sacrificing aesthetics.

Sound design for schools and hospitals
Sound, and its presence, absence and quality all affect our lives in many different ways. In hospitals, a quiet and serene atmosphere can contribute to quicker and better healing and recovery. In hospital waiting rooms, soundproofing space gives waiting family members and visitors a calming space to process stressful experiences.
In schools, researchers have found that soundproofing can impact learning outcomes for students. When exterior sounds, both loud noises and continuous background community noise, drown out the teacher?s voice, it can be difficult for students to follow and participate. Exterior sounds in the classroom over a period of time can lead to learning deficits. New building materials like marlite help to create healthier living spaces and better learning environments.

Health impact of loud noises
Health researchers have discovered that continuous exposure to loud noises can be harmful to health. This includes not just loud noises by also continuous background noise. Adverse health effects can include hearing loss, cardiovascular problems and learning deficits. Community noise levels over 40 decibels (dB) have been correlated with a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease.
Exposure to noise over 85 Decibels over a prolonged period of time creates a heightened risk for hearing loss. Soundproof wall panels and acoustic ceiling elements give designers the freedom to create healthier interiors that are more conducive to healthy living.

Sound quality in indoor spaces
The quality of indoor sound matters in a number of settings. For musicians, both concert halls and studios have to be soundproofed. They also need to have good sound quality indoors, without echoes or distortion. Many musicians have their own studios, for practice or recording. By 2014, about four out of ten musicians were self employed, and in need of their own practice and recording spaces. The total number of people working as musicians in the same year was estimated to be around 173,300 people. worked as musicians.

New acoustic ceiling materials and soundproof wall panels, with designs that can match and complement any interior style, make it possible to incorporate sound design principles in music studios and performance spaces. Materials such as decorative laminates and ceiling clouds make it possible to create interiors that are both aesthetically pleasing and soundproof.

Acoustic ceiling panels and soundproof wall panels give designers, architects and builders the materials they need to incorporate sound principles into building design.

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