To Throw Out Or Not To Throw Out Is Your Air Conditioning System Losing You Money?

Energy savings

With a change in season comes a change in how you look at your technology. You clean out your furnace to prepare for fall, you change out your HVAC filters to stave off annoying pollen during spring, you know the drill. When your HVAC system is chugging more than usual and can’t seem to cool off a room in less than a few minutes, it’s possible you have a bigger problem on your hands than mere obligation. An HVAC company can double-check what’s going wrong beneath the surface so you’re not wasting money while trying to stay in-touch with the outside world.

How Many Homes Have Air Conditioners?

Worried that you can’t find a good HVAC professional in your area? Fear not. Two-thirds of American households have an air conditioner in place, meaning this is one of the most common repair jobs requested in any given year outside of plumbing and Ethernet installation. HVAC companies are spread out across the country, meaning it won’t take you very long to find someone who can look over your system with a critical eye.

Why Am I Losing Money Whenever I Turn My Air Conditioner On?

This is a huge concern for those on a budget…and those who aren’t. Who likes wasting money when they just want to be more comfortable in their own home? Duck leakage is known to sap 20%, even 40%, of the energy out of even well-operating air conditioning systems. The best HVAC systems should get maintenance inspections twice per year, as a lot can go wrong in that span of time and leave your wallet spouting flies.

What Harmful Side-Effects Do Poor HVAC Systems Offer?

Wasting money is awful. Affecting your physical health is even more so. Most HVAC filters should be changed every one to three months, thanks to, but the fact remains that many filters sit for months and months and months. AC units need clean filters in order to catch and trap harmful pollutants in the air. Dust, pollen, animal dander, the list goes on. If you or someone in your household has asthma or allergies, this can mean all the difference. Over 90% of chronic sinus infections are attributed to household mold, according to the Mayo Clinic, and a good HVAC system should clear that out regularly.

Should I Repair Or Replace My System?

Which option is right for you? Your HVAC system already has the answer. If your AC units are more than 10 years old, it’s possible you could actually save up to 20% on your energy costs by simply replacing them with a more modern choice. Although air conditioners today use 50% less energy than they did back in 1990, they’re still notoriously energy hungry. Any advantage you have is an advantage you need to take. This is where your HVAC company comes into play.

Is It Time For A Check-Up?

Prepare for the changes coming your way by looking into AC maintenance. A good air conditioning system should be using just the right amount of money and, in return, providing the necessary temperature changes you need to get through each season. This also includes staving off harmful mold accumulation and discouraging allergies. You may even need to replace your system entirely, that of which could save you more money in the long term than if you’d just stuck with your old and inefficient model. From energy savings to a cleaner breathing environment, there’s a whole new world just waiting to be discovered with the aid of an HVAC company.

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