Elevators Giving Many People Options in Your Business

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More and more businesses are implementing elevators as a great way for everybody to navigate many floors – and not just those who prefer not to take the stairs. Elevators are becoming a greater thing for those who are experiencing a wide array of disabilities and need help getting from one store to the next. For multi-level stores, elevators are opening new options and making navigating areas much faster, especially when you’re doing quick shopping or need the extra assistance.

Commercial Elevator Services for Every Business

The commercial elevator has changed the way we look at businesses. In the U.S., there are almost 1 million elevators in businesses across the board, which serve about 20,000 people every year! Altogether, U.S. elevators make 18 billion passenger trips every year, taking people back and forth between two different areas. Although the vast majority of elevators are on commercial properties, residential lifts also exist in homes, giving more people options when they are finding it difficult to get around due to disabilities and aging.

However, many people question the safety of elevators in their business. After the initial commercial elevator installation, many companies wonder how they will upkeep and maintain an elevator so it continues to be safe and effective within the walls of their business. This is why an experienced elevator company must come for needed elevator repair, maintenance, and more to increase the life of an elevator and ensure that it is always functioning properly. For this, it is important to have a commercial and residential elevator installation company to solve these matters efficiently. Elevators are known to be safe by nature; in fact, they are 20 times safer than escalators! And the need for elevators is only growing in our populated America – with 10,000 residential elevators being installed every year!

A commercial or residential elevator installation company can look at a building and assess the needs of the owner or company, based on how many people are entering the elevator on a daily basis, and take a closer look at how much maintenance must be had. This is important for the life of an elevator.

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