All You Need to Know About Air Duct Cleaning

Even if you’re diligent with replacing your HVAC filters, your system will still get dirty with regular use. The air ducts are particularly a favorite spot for allergens, dirt, and dust to linger. These carry a lot of air pollutants and contaminants that will degrade your home’s indoor air quality. That’s why you need to be able to know when to contact a local air duct cleaning service.

Your heating and cooling system may develop condensation over time, triggering mold growth in the ductwork. It’s especially common in areas with a humid climate. While mold isn’t easy to spot, it can present a musty odor. In this case, you should contact the pros.

They know the best air compressor for duct cleaning and will rid your system of mold. Even the cleanest homes have dust. However, if you notice your home is always dusty, regardless of how often you clean, it’s time for a duct cleaning service. You should also have professionals clean your ducts if you’ve just concluded a major renovation or your home is a new construction.

Instead of using a duct cleaning checklist to do the job yourself, let the pros do their thing. They know everything from the best air compressor for dryer vent cleaning to the best practices for reducing the need for this service. They also have a duct cleaners network which can be helpful for you as a homeowner.


Do you need the air duct cleaning done in your home? You might not have ever thought about whether you need to get your air ducts clean, but if you haven?t been doing it regularly then it?s likely you need to. Read on to learn more.

  • Inform yourself about air duct cleaning. Every home is different so it?s impossible to generalize about when air ducts need to be cleaned. It?s important to know the facts, though. The air in your HVAC system is recirculating five to seven times every day, bringing air pollutants like dander, dust, and chemicals into the duct work. This gradually builds up and can be harmful to everyone?s health, especially those with allergies. If there is no one in your home with allergies, and a visual inspection of the ductwork shows no contamination and there is no musty odor, cleaning can likely wait a bit longer. In general, all homes should have air duct cleaning perfumed by professional duct cleaning services once every three to five years.
  • Clean air ducts for efficiency and energy savings. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that between 25% and 40% of the average home?s energy is wasted, partly because of poorly-performing HVAC systems. When the air ducts are blocked, this seriously interferes with efficiency and forces the whole system to work harder. Since the average family in the United States is spending close to $2,000 every year on their utility bills, and HVAC system use accounts for more than half of that, having air duct cleaning on a regular basis can save a lot of money in the long run.
  • What is air duct cleaning? This general term refers to cleaning quite a few systems within your HVAC unit and related items. Air duct cleaning services should clean the supply and return air ducts and registers, the heat exchangers, all grilles and diffusers, the cooling and heating coils, drip pans for catching condensation, the fan motor and housing, and also the air handling unit?s housing. This thorough cleaning is especially crucial when someone in the home has allergies, as failure to clean part can result in re-contamination of the entire system.
  • Based on your home situation, consider optional extras. When cleaning your ducts, your duct cleaning service may recommend biocides to kill microbiological contaminants. There are also chemical treatments that can cover the inside surfaces of air ducts and control mold growth. The air cleaning service should also check the entire ductwork for leaks and inform you of what they find.

If you are unsure whether your ductwork needs to be cleaned, talk to a professional to find out more. Local companies that provide these services can be found in the Yellow Pages, and look for those with experience in cleaning who know how to protect you and your home from contamination.

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