Top 2 Reasons to Think About Getting a New Door

Curb appeal

You want your home to be as secure as possible — protected against drafts, potential burglars, and weather. This means that keeping your siding, doors, and windows up to date is important. You can lose a vast amount of heat (or cooling) through your windows and doors and many homes don’t have adequate locks or security measures to protect against burglars or other types of home invasions. So let’s talk about what you need to know about door installation, new windows (and window installation), and types of siding. We’ll also discuss the benefits of upgrading your home and other simple home upgrades you can try to have a more energy efficient home. Keep the bills down and your security up with these tricks of the trade.

Why Should I Look Into New Door Installation?

Energy Bills

You’d be surprised at how much heat (or cold air) can escape through doors. A door that doesn’t fit quite right can let drafts in under the door and if it’s not properly weatherstripped or caulked, can ratchet up your heating bills. Older doors may not have as much insulation and if you have a glass door and live in cold temperatures, you may want to reconsider that choice, as glass easily conducts heat.

Surprisingly, almost 35% of burglars come in through the front door. If you have an older door that might be on the flimsier side, it’s worth thinking about replacing it with one that’s kickproof and doesn’t have glass, which can be an easy way in. If you want glass on your door, make sure that the glass is reinforced. And a new door installation is a good time to check the door frame and doorjamb, to make sure those are sufficiently strengthened.

What are the Benefits of Getting New Windows or Siding?

According the United States Department of Energy, leaky and inefficient windows (together with skylights and glazed doors) make up over 25% of the energy bills foran average American household. And, most manufacturers recommend replacing windows after around 20 years — so if you have an old house with old windows, it might be time to start thinking about upgrading.

The following issues are a sure sign that you need to replace your window soon: if a window is sealed or painted shut, if there are drafts coming from the window, or if your panes are collecting condensation, frost, or ice.

If you’re replacing windows, be smart about it. You can reduce your energy bills up to 15% when you buy double-pane insulated glass, heat-resistant coatings, airtight frames, or windows that come with Energy Star ratings. An extra bonus feature of insulated or double-paned windows is that noise is also reduced, so if you live in a loud area, you’ll get some bang for your buck.

New siding is an instant makeover for your home. But it’s more than just cosmetic — siding helps protect your home from the elements. Dry rot, water damage, winds, and more are all kept out of your home, thanks to its siding.

What Else Can I Easily Do For a More Energy Efficient Home?

Besides replacing windows, doors, and siding, there are other easy fixes you can do that can make a big difference. Lowering your thermostat, for example, when you leave the house or are asleep can make your energy bills drop significantly. Using a low-flush toilet or low-flow showerhead can cut down on your water consumption.

Thinking about adding insulation to your attic can also help keep hot and cold air from leaving through the top of your home and costing you big on your energy bills. Noticing where drafts are coming in and taking measures to stopper those up can also make a big difference.

If you’re sick of drafts and high energy bills, take a look at new door installation or window installations. It could save you a bundle and keep your home more temperate in the long run.

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