Residential Elevator Maintenance 3 Things to Know

How long does it take to install an elevator

Residential elevators are installed for a variety of reasons. These elevators are sometimes necessary and sometimes a luxury. No matter what the reason is for installing one, proper maintenance is also vital to keep it in good working order. Elevators move slightly faster than people at anywhere from 5 to 22 miles per hour, which can be a tremendous help for those with mobility issues who have a hard time getting up stairs. As helpful as elevators are, maintaining them is just as important. Read below to see what things can impact proper maintenance and what factors influence how often maintenance should be performed.


One thing that will make a difference in how often an elevator company or elevator installation company provides maintenance on residential elevators is the contract. Within your contract there will be options for different solutions based on your maintenance needs and elevator repair needs. There are usually different options of contracts that you can choose, so read over them carefully to choose the one that best fits your needs.


Majority of appliances and tools used different models and residential elevators are no different. Depending on the model that you use, the parts and maintenance my differ as well. Some parts and models require more maintenance than others. This alone can cause a fluctuation in determining a how often your residential elevator needs maintenance or repair.


All other factors aside there is a specified amount of time that should pass before it is recommended to get residential elevators serviced or maintenanced even if there are no signs of problems. These elevators should receive maintenance at least once every 12 months. This helps ensure they are in good working order and there are no minor issues. Minor issues may not cause a direct problem, but by catching them while they are small and remedying them you can keep a small issue from turning into a major issue.

Elevators help a variety of those suffering from issues which make it hard to move freely. There are many options for these individuals including escalators to help with stair climbing, but elevators are much safer making them a more popular choice. Since accessibility ranks high among those with residential elevators, safety does as well. Proper maintenance will help keep elevators functioning properly and help ensure continued safety of those using them.

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