5 Benefits of Bamboo Flooring That You Need to Seriously Consider

The Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

If you are looking to install hardwood floors in your home, you may consider the many benefits of bamboo flooring, and bamboo floor trim. This often overlooked option is worth taking into consideration if you want a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood, that is not only more cost effective, but just as gorgeous once installed.

  • Eco-friendly. Bamboo is not technically a wood as we think of the term, but actually a type of grass. Bamboo plants are capable of reaching full maturity in around 3 to 5 years of growth, as opposed to trees which can take upwards of twenty years to reach maturity. This makes bamboo a much more sustainable and economically friendly choice than standard hardwood floors.
  • Easy. Bamboo flooring, and bamboo floor trim is easy to maintain. A quick sweep can remove any loose debris, and a damp mop can be used to clean up any messes that may find themselves on the floor. This type of flooring is more resistant to water damage and staining than other types of wood, although too much will still cause issues down the road, but that is par the course with any type of wood flooring.
  • Bamboo strength. Bamboo is an amazingly strong material. This means floors constructed out of them are durable and extremely long lasting. Un-carbonized bamboo can have the same durability as oak, while strand woven types can exceed even that.
  • Style.Bamboo flooring can create a contemporary and sleek finish to any room. Though it is similar in appearance to hardwood, it is still unique enough to stand out and apart from other styles.
  • Refinished. Like any wood floor, bamboo flooring can become scratched or discolored over time. The good news is that these floors can be sanded and refinished if needed. This can help give new life to your old floor and have it looking good as new in no time.

Wooden floors can add a gorgeous and chic look to any room. Bamboo flooring and bamboo flooring trim can give you the same look and feel as traditional wood, with the benefits of being eco-friendly, durable, and easy to maintain. If you are looking at flooring options, don’t let this one pass you by without due consideration.

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