3 Things to Consider When Looking at Compressed Air Systems

If you run an auto body shop, you might be considering upgrading your shop to include compressed air distribution systems. Most auto body shops make use of tools that use an air compressor, but a compressed air system is a step up that would see all of the tools and painting equipment in the shop connected to a single system. This system can be very advantageous for a larger auto body shop that is looking to grow but there are certain things that need to be considered when choosing a compressed air system for your auto body shop and this article will look at a few of them.

  • Consider the Size of Your Shop: The first thing to consider when looking at a compressed air system for your auto body shop is the size of your shop. As with many systems, the size of your shop will directly determine the size of the system you will need. There’s no point in ordering a large system if you only run a medium sized shop. So when ordering a system like this, make sure it suits the size of your shop.
  • Consider the Size of the Compressor: Another important detail to consider is the size of the compressor you will need to power the system. One way to determine this is to think about how many tools your shop uses. If you use a lot of tools at the same time, you will need a larger compressor to power them. But if you don’t use that many tools, then you can purchase a smaller compressor.
  • Consider Which System is Best For Your Shop: A third detail to consider is what exactly you’ll be using the compressed air system for. If you’re mostly working on auto repairs, that will use different tools than a shop that focuses more on auto body painting and detailing. Conversely, some shops might be a combination of both and use a compressed air system that powers tools for both.

In conclusion, there are a number of things to consider when you are looking to buy a compressed air system for your auto body shop. These include the size of your shop, which will determine the size of the system you purchase, the size of the compressor you will need, and considering the overall best system for your shop. These are all important details to consider.

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