DIY Rat Control Services Don’t Work How To Get Rid Of Them Properly With Professional Rodent Removal

Rodent removal isn’t something you should try on your own.

It’s tempting to try your hand at a DIY method — we’re all on a tight budget — but you’ll be setting yourself up for failure. A rat that decides it wants to bunk in your apartment for free often has a dozen others lined up behind it. A squirrel that uses your home as a place to store nuts is going to have more escape routes than you can shake a stick at. When you notice an unwelcome guest in your abode, professional rodent removal is the only option. An experienced eye will both remove the intrusion and ensure no stone is left unturned.

Fro live removal of squirrels to snagging raccoons, it’s all in a day’s work for your local animal and rodent removal company.

Got Rats? Remove Them Properly With Rodent Removal

Rats are the iconic invader. Known for spreading plague in Europe and destroying food supplies, these clever critters can sneak into your home with you none the wiser. They breed incredibly fast — two rats in an ideal environment can turn into a population of 450 million in just three years. The New Republic reported back in 2017 the country is on the verge of a ‘ratpocalypse’ thanks to several populations spiraling out of control. When you suspect a rat in your home, a rodent removal company is the only reliable way of removing them in the long-term.

Mice May Look Cute, But They’re Very Similar To Rats

Don’t be fooled by their cute appearance. Mice are just as able to chew through your wires and ruin your food as their larger counterparts. The National Pest Management Association has concluded that, without the ongoing efforts of the pest control industry, rodents (and bugs) would destroy 50% of the world’s food supply. The U.S. Centers For Disease Control And Prevention have also estimated rats and mice spread over 35 different diseases. Stay safe and make sure you get rid of unwanted rodents the smart way.

Squirrels, Contrary To Popular Belief, Are Also Home Invaders

While rats are easily associated with unwelcome house guests — and mice to an extent — squirrels tend to circumvent this image. They’re often seen perched on tree branches or scurrying around the park. Just like any other rodent, however, they can slip into your home and cause all sorts of trouble. Squirrels have a tendency to practice ‘deceptive caching’ to protect their hoards, creating many false trails for thieves to follow. This can lead them into your attic or basement. Pest control services are familiar with the patterns of squirrels and can make sure all their stores are placed somewhere more appropriate.

Raccoons Are Tricky Critters Who Don’t Take No For An Answer

It looks cute watching raccoons dig around for food, but don’t give them an inch. This can lead them to foraging in your garage or attempting to get inside the house, bringing with them all sorts of bad news. Animal nuisance calls have risen sharply over the years — Chicago saw rodent-related calls increasing by a staggering 60%, while New York City is seeing a 130% increase. San Francisco, surprisingly, has been leading the pack with a 175% spike in rodent control services. When you suspect a raccoon keeps visiting your home, reach out to professional rodent removal to stop a problem in its tracks.

Practical Tips To Keep Rodents Away From Your Home

A rodent showing its face in your home needs to be dealt with swiftly with professional rodent removal services. You can, however, practice smart habits to make your apartment or house less appealing. Make sure to regularly sweep and vacuum food, as even a few stray crumbs can be detected by a sensitive rodent nose. Take out your trash regularly and check your attic or basement for any signs of animal droppings. Common signs you could have a hidden infestation include scratching noises, chewed wires, holes in the wall, unusual smells, and holes in bags of food.

Don’t take chances with your home. Let professional rodent removal give you the peace-of-mind you need.

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