Installing New Blinds and Shades

Every house and most public buildings today have windows and doors in them, and windows allow a homeowner to look outside and allow in pleasant breezes and sunlight. But windows are hardware like any other, and they need to be taken care of. Not only should a homeowner contact window replacement crews every so often for damaged or old and warped windows, but also get some window treatments. A bare window is rather plain to look at, and bare windows may cause some other, more serious problems too. Even if a window isn’t drafty or dirty, a lack of blinds and shades may be an issue for the electric bill, security, and other issues. How can that be? Can draperies and curtains, and modern blinds and shades really make such a difference? The simple answer is yes, and a homeowner may enjoy many benefits from putting in blinds and shades for their windows. These blinds and shades may be stylish as well and help make a room pop.

The Problems of Bare Windows

New homeowners may or may not realize it, but they will soon learn that the house’s windows and doors are closely connected to the house’s overall electric bill and its climate control. For one thing, newer homeowners should note that just over half of a house’s total electricity is dedicated to heating and cooling alone, and the HVAC system is hungry for electricity. If this system is being overworked and strained due to climate control disruption, then this will dive up the electric bill in a hurry. Many different issues may threaten the climate control, and this includes air drafts in ill-fitting windows or doors during winter or summer. Not only that, but even draft-free windows may be a weakness. Bare windows in summer will admit a lot of hot sunlight, and that light will rapidly warm up a room or the entire house, forcing the air conditioner to work overtime to compensate. Conversely, bare windows in winter (drafts or not) may allow a lot of warmth to escape, straining the heating system. Glass is a poor insulator, after all.

Not only climate change, but style and security may also suffer for a lack of blinds or drapes. Bare windows make it easy for burglars to see into the house, and those criminals may spot expensive items that they’d want to steal or they may determine if anyone is home. This information makes it easier for a burglar to plan a robbery, whether at day or night, and that burglar will figure out which window is ideal for illegal entry. Closed curtains, drapes, and blinds will block this vision and make it much riskier for a person to break into the house, since they won’t know where to find valuable items and they won’t know if anyone is currently there.

Window drapes, blinds, and curtains are also a fine aesthetic, and they can easily and elegantly make a room look great, especially if expensive materials are used and those materials are on-theme for a room. Interior designers often recommend redecorating a house every five to 10 years to suit changing tastes, and that includes the drapes and blinds, too. Many different colors, materials, and fabrics are available to suit any taste.

Get Blind and Drapes Installed

An interested homeowner may want to replace their current drapes or blinds with newer models to update a room’s appearance, or bare windows and doors might in fact get blinds and drapes for the first time. Home supply retailers may have these items for sale, and for larger jobs like an automatic screen for huge windows, professionals may be called in to help. Some houses have large windows in them that are best covered with a motorized screen, and when installation experts put them in, the homeowner may use a remote control to raise or lower that screen at will. The motor may also be programmed to raise or lower the screen based on a schedule or the level of sunlight detected. Meanwhile, blinds block strangers’ views into the house and block out hot sunlight to help keep the house cooler in summer. In winter, drapes are both stylish and will help trap warm air. They should be kept from fire hazards, though.

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