Are You Concerned About Light Pollution in the Neighborhood Where You Live?

At the same time that many public buildings are working to install the right kinds of light to make sure that every space is both safe and functional, there are others who are checking to make sure that they are not over lighting areas and causing unintended light pollution. One university in the midwest, in fact, is taking specific measures to create a better night sky.

In fact, when Truman State University faculty and students return for the fall semester, they may actually be able to see more stars in the sky. Following four years of lighting research scientists are working to change campus lighting to direct light away from the sky. Studies on how artificial light brightens the night sky continue to make more people aware of this modern day problem. Finding a solution that could limit light pollution is a way for more faculty and student members to see more stars and galaxies while they are on campus. Further research also indicates that nighttime light pollution can , also disrupt sleep patterns, obviously an issue for college students.

Fluorescent Tube Replacement Options Present Environmentally Friendly Ways to Light Public Spaces

Satellite imagery from NASA has shown that light pollution around the world has increased in the past, while at the same time acknowledging and predicting that it could worsen in the future. It is not only physics professors, of course, who are excited about the possibility of limiting light pollution. In fact, everyone who is interested in seeing nebulae, as well as other objects in the sky that can be a challenge to see today.

Although the role of LED warehouse lighting fixtures is to illuminate a limited space, there are different challenges when it comes to outdoor lighting. Just as a camera flash does not reach performers on a stage in a large venue, the wrong kind of outdoor lighting can cause more pollution than purpose. Statistics for the Department of Energy indicate that approximately 22% of all electricity generated in the U.S. is used for lighting, so it is obviously to everyone’s advantage that this lighting is effective.

And while fluorescent tube replacements are a step in the right direction for many spaces that are using less efficient options now, it is always important to make sure that the light that is used can be directed in the needed area. The U.S. Department of Energy believes LED lighting, as opposed to fluorescent tube replacement options, has the potential to reduce energy usage by nearly 50%, so this move is clearly one that is the right direction. As scientists and researchers continue to make lighting advancements, it is becoming increasingly possible that many parts of the country may start reclaiming the night sky that we all love, and many of us have sorely missed.

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