Controlling Clutter Is a Daily Challenge for Many Families

Renting a dumpster.

It would have been a very harsh answer, so you typically kept it to yourself, but when people continually ask what you will do in less than a month when you and your husband are empty nester you want to say that you are renting a dumpster. Of course, you will miss the activity in the house and you might even miss the frustration of walking down the hall and finding out that one of the girls have not made their bed. What you will not miss, however, is the clutter throughout the house.

You acknowledge that some, maybe much, or the clutter is yours. After 21 years of following your daughters, their school involvement, and their sports and music activities, you have lots of work to do. Two decades of using the collect and store method when you were preparing for weekend company or evening guests, you now have tub after tub of items that are completely unrelated. Sure, there are some important papers and sentimental pieces of childhood art, but amid the things that you want to keep are also many items that really belong in the trash. Thus, your answer: renting a dumpster.

Are You Looking for a Way to Take Control of the Clutter in Your Home?
The average person generates more than four pounds of trash every day. If you are not getting your daily four pounds into the trash, however, you are likely adding to a growing amount of clutter in your home. And while we all pay for trash removal costs, we may be storing as much clutter in our home as we are carrying to the curb.

Breaking through the clutter cycle, however, is a process that requires both time and patience. By renting a dumpster and tackling large amounts of that clutter at once is a faster way to make a difference. When you realize that the average American will throw away 600 times the amount of his or her adult weight in garbage in a lifetime, you realize that it is important to make certain that you are responsibly throwing out trash on a regular basis.

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