How to Make Your Long Distance Move A Lot Easier

A long distance move; a couple states away, or even across the country can feel like a big deal. Picking up and leaving to a different town thousands of miles away is stressful and requires a lot more planning than simply moving to the next suburb. Thankfully, there is a wealth of resources and services available today that can help make your big move a little easier to handle.

Long distance movers and long distance moving companies can be a lifesaver during a big journey to your new home. These services offer a variety of help that may include a truck and driver to transport your belongings and furniture to a new location, a team to help you pack up your belongings, and a team to help you get moved in to your new home. All of these services can get pretty pricey, but depending on the company, they can be well worth it for the help. Some people may prefer to handle their belongings on their own during a long distance move, which is brave and admirable. However, you’ll still need plenty of things to get you to your destination. This includes a moving truck, packing materials, and maybe a couple extra sets of hands from disgruntled friends and family members.

Making sure things are properly organized when you pack up is important. When you finally get to your destination a few days later, you’re liable to forget exactly what is in which box. Throwing whatever in just any box it’ll fit in is a sure fire way to play yourself. Keeping things neat, labeled, and together will make your life just a tiny bit easier when you arrive at your new place. Remember, you’ll always need more packing materials than you think you’ll need, about 25% more to be exact, so go ahead and grab extras. A long distance move is also the perfect time for your things and furniture to break as well, so making sure everything is well protected and covered will save you some disappointment in the long run. Do you really want to get to your new house 1,226 miles away and find out that your couch broke in two at some point? What about finding every coffee mug you own with handles no longer attached? No you don’t, so be smart.

Long distance moves are unavoidably stressful, but in this modern age there’s plenty of resources to help you out. During your move, make sure to keep yourself fed and hydrated, because you’ve gotta make it there too. Have your route of travel printed out and memorized in case your mobile device runs out of battery, or you reach an area without phone service. Take breaks along the way, and make sure kids and pets are comfortable on the journey as well.

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