Keep Regular HVAC Maintenance During Every Season

Air conditioning and heating units can develop glitches both suddenly and slowly. Even when they seem to start degrading unexpectedly, accidentally forgetting about certain heating and cooling maintenance tasks may still have contributed to the system’s failure. People will often remember to update a heating and air conditioning system filter on the right schedule. When they don’t, the consequences for the HVAC product could be dramatic.
An HVAC or an HVAC system can start to function irregularly if something happens to the condensing unit. If that component is kept clean, your AC unit will experience fewer malfunctions. An AC and furnace system will have other parts that you can check if you want to really monitor the device as steadily as you can.

The air conditioning device should have a working evaporator coil, which will have its own drain pan and drain pipe. If everything about the evaporator coil and the drain pan seems normal, the whole HVAC system also might be in just the right condition.
When there are issues, the evaporator coil might be the only AC component that is having serious problems. Still, when those abnormalities persist, the entire HVAC device and the related system could soon get affected.

With heating and cooling needed almost every day of the year, then HVAC companies are essential all the time. With central heating and cooling systems in almost every home, regular HVAC maintenance is the best service needed regularly to keep your system in working order.

HVAC Services Offered

Maybe it is summer and your AC is fried. Or, it could be winter and there is just no way to get your home warm enough. That is when it’s time to call HVAC contractors for service and repairs. However, there is something even better that can help to prevent those emergency calls at the oddest times. Preventative HVAC maintenance is the best way to help keep everything running smoothly and have your system last as long as possible. It will also help save energy and cut costs while increasing the life of your system.

The Value of Regular HVAC Maintenance

There is much to be said for the service and maintenance of your HVAC system. Starting from the point that it improves its life and performance, there is a great deal to account for heating and cooling and how they make up the electricity and energy usage in your home. First, regular maintenance to HVAC systems is shown to make them last 40% longer. Next, changing the filter every two to three months can greatly improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. And finally, five percent of electricity produced nationally is from air conditioners, about $11 billion annually.

Additional Reasons for Regular HVAC Maintenance

During every season, regular HVAC maintenance is important. Depending on the region of the country where you are located, certain HVAC repairs may happen more often, so certain preventative maintenance may be more important in different places. Considering the fact that heating usually takes up over 40% of a home’s annual utility bills, efficiency and savings are two issues with positive potential. Some tips on increasing the efficiency of your existing furnace include:

    1. U.S. regulations manage HVAC standards, requiring furnaces in northern states to have 90% efficiency and 80% in the south.
    2. Proper insulation alone can help increase the efficiency of your HVAC system up to 30%.
    3. Additionally, proper air sealing and thermostat settings can help lower energy bills by about 30%, in addition to insulation.

Finally, it is important to start with regular HVAC maintenance, as the cost of system replacement is usually one that is not easy to anticipate, often thousands that you may not be prepared for. While all of these things are important, like saving money and reducing emissions, you can prevent that incredible expense of replacing a unit during the worst of times. So, contact your HVAC companies seasonally for service to keep things running effectively.

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