Need To Update Your Homes Flooring? Look No Further Than Vinyl Tiles

If you seek a cost-effective way to improve your flooring at home or in a commercial building, deluxe laminate flooring or dry back vinyl flooring should be options to consider. These tiles have come a long way in quality and are now more durable than ever.

Dry back vinyl flooring and rough sawn vinyl plank flooring can resemble the look of ceramic tiles, wood flooring, and other types of quality hardwood floors at a fraction of the price for the installation. Whether you are interested in DIY installation or calling a vinyl tile company, these quality comfort vinyl flooring options can help you get the most out of your home renovation budget.

Add value to your home:

Vinyl tile offers an incredibly durable flooring option that is easy to clean and fast to install, and it is much cheaper than options like hardwood or tile. You can customize the look of your floor to suit any style and see an immediate difference in your home with just a few hours of installation. Change your flooring for less with vinyl flooring.

If you are looking to install new flooring in your home, you may have realized that there are many different types of tiles to choose from. To help make the decision a little easier, here are 6 reasons why vinyl flooring could be right for you.

The Benefits Of Vinyl Floors

  • Affordability. Vinyl tile flooring is a good choice due to its cost versus longevity. Compared to more expensive options, vinyl has the potential to last just as long, if not longer with proper care. When contrasted with hardwood flooring, or ceramic tile, they can create a virtually indistinguishable look while not breaking the bank.
  • Aesthetic. Vinyl tile is appealing to many homeowners due to the sheer variety they can choose from. With hundreds of patterns, colors, and designs you are certain to find something that fits with your home. Some are even designed to mimic the look of hardwood or ceramic, and when installed correctly can look nearly the same. When it comes to choice and variety, this tile is what you’re looking for.
  • Comfort. Unlike wood or stone, vinyl is softer and more comfortable to walk on. Plus, the added protective layer helps to protect the surface from scuffs and scratches. This means it isn’t sacrificing durability for comfort in any way. If you have children who like to run and play in the home, this is a good option to look at.
  • Durability. As touched on above, vinyl is highly durable when compared to other options. For this reason, vinyl has become a popular choice for high traffic areas such as the kitchen, entry way, and bathroom. Additionally, manufacturers may offer warranties that span 15 years, and some may even offer lifetime guarantees. Overall your new tile should last you upwards of 20 years with the proper installation and care.
  • Installation. Unlike ceramic or hardwood, these tiles are easy to install, which is another reason they are becoming increasingly popular. They can be put over existing floors, or on top of the sub floor without worry. This makes it a project that homeowners can tackle themselves if they have the time, without worrying about mixing cement, or cutting wooden lengths.
  • Care. Vinyl tile requires very little maintenance when compared to other options. This means no special treatments are needed throughout the years to keep them looking their best. It also means that cleaning is as simple as sweeping and mopping! For those who want a great look with minimal upkeep, this option is perfect.

If you are looking into updating your homes flooring, consider the benefits of vinyl tiles. Not only do they look amazing, and are available in hundreds of varieties, but they will last you for decades with very little maintenance. For homeowners who was durability, and style, very few choices can top vinyl.

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