Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Allow for Easy to Maintain Spaces

One small thing. That is your mantra for the next three weeks.

As you prepare to start the new school year subbing for one of the Montessori secondary teachers you have promised yourself that you will keep it simple. You are being paid for the teacher inservice and meeting week that will allow you the time needed to prepare the learning environment. You are hopeful that when you arrive some of the work will already be completed. If not, just setting up the room will be enough. You know that the inservice week will also being at the school one evening for open house.

You rarely take long term subbing assignments, but this one seemed perfectly timed. The day after you return from moving your younger daughter to college 12 hours from home seems like a perfect time to go to work for three weeks. You simply need to remember the mantra: one small thing.

You have promised both yourself and your husband that you will limit your efforts to one small thing a day. One small poetry assignment perhaps. One small creative writing prompt to match the classroom book you will be reading. One small art project to accompany the beginning of the year cultural unit.
In the past you have always been the kind of teacher that turned every small teaching opportunity into a grand affair. You love projects and you love to keep students engaged. For the beginning of this year, however, you are going to keep it simple. The teacher you will be teaming with is only in her second year, and you are planning to follow her schedule. No need to revive the great things that have gone on in this room in the past. No need to wear yourself out.

What Steps Do You Take to Make Sure You Do Not Get Overwhelmed?

It is easy in today’s world of 24/7 connections to overwhelm not only yourself, but those you work with. If you are someone who is always burning the candle at both ends, now may be the time to scale back and focus on the basics. The start of a new school year, for instance, does not need to be all glamour and glitz. It can simply be about authentic educational experiences that will keep students engaged

When it comes to your home, what is it you are doing to make sure that you are limiting your stress and making life more enjoyable. For many people, a decision to remodel and create a clean and easy to maintain bathroom design is a real time saver. In fact, both kitchen and bathroom designs with the latest updated countertops can cut cleaning time significantly. Likewise, a new kitchen design often encourages people to cook and eat at home more often. Although you may often think about new bathroom designs and other remodeling projects as visual and comfort improvements, they are also changes that can make your life easier. In a time when so much of our lives are busy and loud, it is especially important to create pockets of peacefulness of that allow you to unwind and relax.

Consider some of these statistics about the ways that many people are focusing on updated kitchen and bathroom designs to create the best spaces for living more comfortably and calmly:

  • 76% of home owners indicate that they change the style of their kitchen during their renovation project.
  • 93% of home owners who are updating countertops during a kitchen renovation are choosing natural stone materials, a product that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • More than 25% of renovating home owners indicate that they are replacing major bathroom features like flooring, countertops, showers, and sinks.
  • 87% of home owners renovating their bathrooms are updating their shower, a change that is easier to maintain and keep clean.
  • 90% of home owners are changing the style of their master bathroom during an upgrade, and many are choosing a spa like design to create a relaxing space in their home.

Whether you are preparing for a three week work assignment or a home remodel, it is often important to remind yourself that by focusing on one small thing at a time you can accomplish big goals.

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