Does Your Roof Need Replacing? Five Basic Questions To Ask About The State Of Your Home

Summer is starting to veer off. With fall comes colder weather, plenty of rain, and the eventual promise of snow. Will your roof be able to hold up?

It’s better to find out as soon as possible. Your roof is one of the most neglected parts of the home, due in no small part to the fact it’s not something you encounter often. Although most roofing professionals today recommend homeowners inspect their roof once or twice a year, many Americans will go several without a check-up. This can affect your energy bill and your ROI. Even worse, a weakened roof can put you at risk for a severe leak once the weather becomes more unforgiving.

Is your roof in need of an inspection or replacement? Take this simple test and find out.

You Haven’t Had Your Roof Looked At In Over Three Years

A newer home might not need to be inspected quite so often. If your home is older, however, and you haven’t gotten roofing services to take a look at it in the past three years? It’s time to look up your friendly roof repair professionals and ask them for a check-up. Their expertise will spot any small problems before they become larger. Even better, they’ll give you their thoughts on whether or not you should repair or outright replace.

There’s A Persistent Draft In The House That Raises Your Energy Bills

It’s not just you. A persistent draft in the house is an annoying element that does more than leave you uncomfortable — it’s one of the leading causes of high energy bills in the United States. According to a recent study, your average family spends around a third of its yearly heating and cooling budget on air that leaks in or out of the house. That’s as much as $350! Nip this frustrating element in the bud by making sure your roofing materials aren’t afflicted with cracks, gaps, or missing panels.

You’ve Been Looking For Long-Lasting Projects To Improve Your ROI

Even if your roof is in decent shape, it doesn’t hurt to seek out a replacement. This is thanks to the roof’s ROI, which is extremely high and puts your home in a better spot to sell once you move. Recent estimates have found homeowners will spend between 1% to 5% of a home’s value on maintenance and repairs, many of which go to the roof or the windows. For a $200,000 home this would be around $2,000 in repairs. Give your ROI a boost by looking into a flat roof coating that protects your energy bill and future in one go.

Gutters Are An Issue You’ve Been Thinking Of Repairing This Year

Have you been worried about the state of your gutters? Take the initiative and ask your roofing services about their gutter installation package. When winter arrives your home is going to be under the strain of heavy snow, ice, and rain — failing to redirect all of this properly will put your roof at risk of damage. Water damage, for starters, costs an average of $2,385 to fix. Most siding installation is rated for winds up to 110 miles per hour, but can still be ripped off it’s on the older side.

You Fit At Least One Of The Areas On This List

If any of the above applied to your home, you’re better off contacting roofing services as soon as possible. A single consultation will give you a bigger perspective on the state of your home, allowing you the flexibility to adjust before the weather turns. If you need gutter maintenance, look into the different styles and see how they suit your home — the most common types are the K-style and half-round. Supplement your roofing services with new window installations or new siding to get the full package. The money you’ll save in the long term will be more than worth it.

Be proactive, not reactive. Ask your local roofing services if you could use a gutter repair before winter hits.

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