How Old Are the Gutters on Your Home?

A recent higher education article revealed what some call a major problem: only 40% of freshmen who begin the pursuit of a college degree ever graduate. And while this certainly is a discouraging statistic, there is research also indicating specific factors that can improve a student’s chances of being part of the one in 10 who complete the process of earning a college diploma.

If you have had to spend any time in the last decade, however, figuring out how to choose rain gutters for a new roofing project or looking for solutions to a window project that you need completed, you know college is not the only path that can lead people to a lucrative career. In fact, in many parts of the country, especially those places with extreme weather conditions lately, you know that specific advice on how to choose rain gutters and finding he best contractor can be a real challenge.
As so many people turn to college as the one and only career answer, there are a number of fields that are in desperate need of more skilled workers. From the installation of gutter guards to new roofs, windows, or siding, there are many contractors who are struggling to hire the help that they need. Those workers who do find jobs are often rewarded with high paying wages and as many hours as they want to work most weeks.

Skilled Workers Are in High Demand in Many Fields
From gutter repair services to commercial roofing, a number of fields struggle to fill current openings. The simple task of knowing how to choose rain gutters is not always that easy for a home owner who is struggling to find a contractor who has the time to return a phone call. Gutter repair companies, as well as many other kind of home improvement contractors, face the challenge of filling a work force when so many people feel that the only option is a college education. Burdened with debt from these expensive semesters at school, there are many times when these graduates struggle to find a job in their chosen field. As a result, there is a push to get more people trained in a number of contract services that are in need of immediate employees.

Do You Know How to Choose Rain Gutters and the Contractors to Install Them?

One of this nation’s many challenges continues to be to have the right number of workers in the right fields. in a time when many parts of the country are seeing record low unemployment rates, it should come as no surprise that many occupations are struggling to find the help that they need. In a time when there are also many parts of the nation that are seeing a high number of new home construction projects, the low unemployment rates can be especially challenging. With so few people looking for work, the reality is that a number of the unemployed are actually unemployable due to health reasons of other issues.

In spite of these challenges, of course, there are home owners who are in desperate need of workers to make sure that their homes are protected from weather and other outdoor concerns. Consider these facts and figures from the gutter industry alone to understand the importance of making sure that there is a healthy skilled labor work force:

  • Research indicates that a home needs one downspout for about every 30 to 40 linear feet of gutter. To increase the capacity of a home’s gutter system, it is necessary to add even more downspouts.
  • Rain gutters as we know them today were invented in the early 20th century, but there continue to be developments and improvements that make them more maintenance free.
  • Most kinds of installations work best if there if there is a scheduled gutter cleaning done at least twice a year.
  • In fact, clogged gutters are the number one cause of basement water problems in most homes and commercial buildings.
  • Half-round and K-style are the two main gutter shapes to choose from.
  • K-style gutters, in general, have twice the capacity of the half-round options of the same width.

Finding the materials that you need for a home improvement project can be a challenge. Finding the workers to complete the project may, however, be even more difficult.

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