Is Your Concrete Sinking?

Why does concrete actually sink? There are actually a few reasons. One being that the soil beneath a concrete slab has been impacted by erosion, water, poor compaction as well as other factors that make soil expand and contract. Soil tends to move over time. That movement makes soil weak and it become unsupportive for heavy concrete. This causes what is known as concrete sinking. It can seriously affect the foundation of buildings and houses. If you suspect your foundation is sinking it is time to get in touch with pressure grouting contractors.

There are a few solutions that can help with concrete sinking. Concrete raising is a service that can aid a sinking foundation. Originally, concrete raising was called slabjacking or mudjacking. The process has existed for nearly 100 years. Today pressure grouting is also used to raise sinking concrete. Pressure grouting contractors are available to explain the many benefits of affordable pressure grouting. This type of concrete service can improve rock and soil, reduce water flow, strengthen formations, address soil cement stabilization and literally fix faults within a concrete structure.

Pressure Grouting Contractors Fix Concrete Slabs

Once you have noticed that your concrete slabs are not sitting level it is time to contact pressure grouting contractors. Do not ignore this type of repair. The foundation of your home or business could be damaged the longer slabs are allowed to sink.

Pressure grouting is also called mudjacking or slab jacking. When concrete slabs are cracked or sunken, pressure grouting is used to repair them. Small holes are drilled into a concrete slab, then grout or concrete is injected to fill concrete voids. The results lift sunken concrete and stabilize soil in an effort to prevent any future settling. Professional pressure grouting contractors can identify and solve sinking issues when it comes to your concrete slabs.

Pressure Grouting Solidifies Soil

An added benefit of pressure grouting via a pressure grouting contractor, is that the process solidifies the soil around the concrete and completely solidifies the area. It also improves the concrete’s load bearing capacity so foundations remain protected against damage in the future that could be caused by moving, shifting soil. It is an ideal shoring method for many regions.

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