Asphalt Services in Use Across the Entire Nation to Increase the Lives of Roads, Parking Lots, and Driveways

One thing you can tend to expect, whether it comes to a parking lot where you work or live, or even the driveway that pulls into your garage, is asphalt pavement. Asphalt services even manage about 94% all of the 2.2 million miles of paved roads that exist all throughout the U.S. and 90% of parking areas as well. Asphalt pavement has been and will continue to be the pavement of choice.

The Amount of Asphalt Used Annually
Now, it is important to know that there are about 3,500 asphalt mix product sites available all across the nation. These sites are known to produce about 350 million tons of asphalt paving every year. One of the most important things is that basically all of this pavement is needed for asphalt services, both commercial and residential, throughout the entire year. This is not necessarily for the new pavement of roads but also for the resurfacing of roads and other areas that have been worn down over the years. Some of these have developed over the years to the advancement of smoother pavements, which have surfaces that are much smoother and able to increase the life of asphalt paving by up to 25%. With all of this, there is much to gain from this industry and the role it plays in American life annually.

Commercial Paving Services
Asphalt services are most necessary
for commercial driving and parking needs, especially because of the fast and efficient process they offer for effective surfacing of roads and parking lots all across the nation. One of the things that will most commonly be seen regarding asphalt services on the roads, parking lots, and other commercial locations. This is most often the fact that asphalt services need to include the ability to resurface on a regular basis for safer driving, most often in those areas where strong weather may place a great deal of wear and tear on the surface.

Additionally, pavement is most affordable when this needs to be done on an annual basis. Could you imagine what it would cost to repair these roads and parking lots if they were all originally completed in concrete? Even homes have decided quite often to complete their driveways in asphalt pavement for the ability to save money and with the anticipation that future repairs will be much more affordable.

Residential Paving Services
Now, it is helpful to have asphalt services also available for the pavement of residential driveways. Since the concrete driveway can still crack and disintegrate under the wear of weather and a great deal of driving, there is much to gain from saving in the cost of surfacing your driveway, along with the ability to increase the life of your driveway through the use of smoother pavement. Driveway resurfacing is also something that homeowners have to consider as much as governments caring for roads or businesses caring for parking lots. Paving can be expensive and hard to manage, and asphalt has proved itself to be more affordable and more efficient over the years.

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