Drafty Houses Often Have Old Roofs Common Signs You Should Replace Shingle Roof Materials

Some states are being hit with their heaviest snow yet. Others are fortunate enough to deal with cold instead of piles of slush. Is your house prepared for whatever’s going to be thrown at it?

Your roof is your home’s first defense against the weather. When it’s not pushing back rain and ice, it’s trapping temperature in your house where it belongs. There are plenty of common signs that you need to replace shingle roof materials. Instead of waiting for a leak to announce itself, take the initiative and reach out to a roofing professional. They’ll give your house a home roof inspection, gutter options, and an overall bigger picture on your new year.

New roof or new gutters? Read below and learn about what your house is going to need to stay strong over the next few months.

Homeowners Are In A Constant State Of Maintaining Their Homes

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Your home is always in need of another repair, but some should take priority over others. The average American homeowner will spend between 1% to 5% of their home’s annual value on maintenance — the roof, heating and cooling are the most common reasons. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, you’ll want to replace shingle roof materials as soon as possible. These do the dual work of keeping leaks at bay and maintaining your home’s heat.

Gutters Are An Essential Barrier Between You And Winter

What else should you consider when getting house roof repair? Gutters are a great place to start. A good set of gutters should be redirecting water away from your home, right alongside trapping slush and leaves. Gutters aren’t infallible, however, and are just as susceptible to breaking, leaking, or outright falling off as any other part of the home. Talk to a roofing professional about whether a K-style or copper gutter will suit your home best.

Some Roofing Materials Are Sturdier Than Others

When winter hits hard, hit back with roofing materials that are built for the task. It’s recommended your roof get inspected once or twice per year, coinciding with the most extreme weather patterns (winter and spring). Shingle roofing materials are the most common thanks to their ease of installation and relatively long lifespan. If you’re missing a lot of shingles, though, you may be better off replacing the whole thing. This will give you a more comfortable home and improve your ROI in one fell swoop.

Save Money On Energy Bills With A Superior Roofing Material

Got a draft in the house? You can likely blame your old roof for that. The average family today will spend a third of its annual heating and cooling budget (think $350 or so) on air that just leaks right out of the house. As much as 40% of heat loss goes through the windows, doors, and old roofing materials. You know you’ll need to replace shingle roof materials if your energy bill doesn’t seem consistent.

Common Signs You Need New Gutters Or A New Roof

It’s time for a home repair job…you just don’t know which one. Play it safe and reach out to a roofing contractor before the snow piles up again. They’ll give your home a much-needed inspection and figure out which weak spots have been thriving under your nose. Some contractors offer packages that can kill two birds with one stone, such as shingle replacement and gutter repair. It’s best not to wait until an emergency happens before acting.

From snow to slush, your home has a lot to deal with. Try roof maintenance on for size and watch your bills shrink.

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