How Radon Mitigation and Abatement Service Works

A rough estimate of around 1 in 15 homes in the United States has radon levels at the EPA action level or above it. With that significant ratio, radon gas is dangerous and attributes to around 20,000 lung cancer cases every year.

Will you get radon mitigation and abatement service if you measure high levels of this deadly gas in your home, or will you do nothing? By reducing radon levels in homes that exceed the EPA’s action level, scientists gauge that deaths caused by lung cancer can be lessened by around 2% to 4%, or about 5,000 deaths.

After a local radon testing measures high levels in your home, you shouldn’t panic because numerous companies can do radon abatement and radon mitigation. They can help bring down the levels of this silent killer gas.

How Does Radon Mitigation and Abatement Service Work

Radon is a naturally forming radioactive gas usually found in soil, rocks, and groundwater. Exposure to this deadly gas that can enter homes through gaps and cracks can cause serious health issues and even death. While it’s nearly impossible to remove every trace of radon in houses, the goal is to keep it at a safe level.

Immediately take action if the radon in your house reaches levels of or above 4 picocuries per liter (PCi/L) of air. Radon mitigation can help bring down your home’s radon levels. Even if you’ve already tested your home, the mitigation company will do another testing to get an accurate measurement.

Depending on your house’s foundation, the radon mitigation and abatement service company will recommend the perfect approach suited for you. Initial steps and diagnostics will help them understand how to best treat the issue.

When outside the confines of a house or building, radon quickly dissipates and turns into harmless lead atoms. That’s why the process done in radon mitigation includes using a fan that can pull the air from the ground and push it way above the rooflines.

Radon Mitigation Techniques You Can Do Yourself

You can do a few techniques to temporarily mitigate radon while you’re waiting for the radon mitigation and abatement service technicians to arrive at your door. Keep in mind that these methods cannot replace the experts’ professional services in mitigating radon. Even after doing these techniques, you should still go ahead with their service.

  • Fill cracks, gaps, and entry points in your home with urethane foam. Because radon enters your home through these tiny openings, make sure to seal every crevice you can find.
  • Let the air out by opening all windows closest to the ground. If you have a basement, you should open its windows. Otherwise, the windows on your ground floor will do.
  • Make sure not to switch on your exhaust fans. If you do turn it on, it will lower the pressure inside your home. When it happens, it will attract more radon into your home.
  • If you have a ceiling fan with a positive ion generator, this is the best time to use it. The positive ion generator can effectively charge the radon particles. When this occurs, the particles will be heavier than usual, and they will be harder to inhale.

Steps Involved in Radon Mitigation

As we’ve mentioned earlier, radon gas testing is the first step involved in the mitigation process. If it shows levels at or above 4 pCi/L of air, you must hire a local radon mitigation company. Their technician will run another testing as well as essential diagnostics to further check your home.

If you have performed the DIY tips we outlined above, the technician will seal all cracks and openings that you missed. After doing this vital step, only then will the installation of the radon mitigation system start. Don’t worry as the technician will explain to you in detail everything regarding the install process.

They will then conduct another testing for radon to measure if its levels have been indeed decreased.

Reduce the Radon Levels in Your Home Today

Don’t just ignore this deadly gas if you have high levels of it in your home. In many cities, including Denver radon mitigation companies abound. When you hire the best abatement company, you’ll be able to reduce radon levels in your home and provide a safer environment for you and your family.

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