Tips for Building a Home on Your Land

In this YouTube video, Ready Front Real Estate looks at tips on how to build a home on your land. The process can be highly rewarding.

Before beginning the process, a person should always have a solid plan. The plan should account for build timeframes, budget constraints, checking the land for its primary and best usage, and discussing any additional amenities desired.

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The cost of land improvements should be considered. Improvements include the cost of tree removal, leveling, graveling or paving, and the installation of necessary sewer, water, and electrical lines.

Surveys should be done independently to verify easements, boundary lines, and previous improvements that may already exist. Annual property taxes should be anticipated for the current amount and the new amount with the custom home completed.

Looking at the deed restrictions is the most critical item. No matter how solid a person’s plan is, the listed deed restrictions will dictate things like where a home can be placed on the property, how much space between the road and residence is required, how tall the house can be, or whether it’s allowed to have a basement. Deed restrictions can also say what is allowed and not allowed in the home, such as running a full-scale urban farm or even restricting certain cottage businesses from running out of the house.

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