Mulching Estimates, Jobs, and Materials

In this video, you will learn about mulching services. There are formulas for making estimates on mulching. There is a tool you can use for giving estimates.

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Mulch comes in yards when you are buying it. Thus, you are going to measure the amount of property and you want to lay the mulch about two inches thick. You are going to multiple the footage by the thickness to get a general idea for an estimate. It is simple to bid mulch. It is not a lot of competition for you and you probably won’t have very different prices from other people in your area. That is why reputation is very important. How you charge for the job is completely up to you. Everybody is different. You might charge per yard and for labor. Some people charge $100 per hour for labor and $50 per foot of mulch. The formula is different for each business. For him, it is $75 per yard installed. Then, he takes his yards and divides them by two for labor. There is a lot to know about mulching. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more information.

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