How to Fix Curb Appeal Before House Showing

Curb appeal is a major area of focus when listing a home for sale. The curb appeal is the level of attractiveness the house conveys right when you pull up. First impressions can make or break the sale of a home. A home with an exterior that looks poorly maintained generates a smaller pool of interested buyers. If the exterior is not appealing, they won’t even take the time to do an interior tour. These types of houses tend to be on the market for longer and owners often have to decrease their asking price to get any sort of interest. Putting effort into improving your curb appeal will draw people in and get your house off the market quicker. As soon as you decide to list your house on the market, make a list. Including all areas that could benefit from repair, replacement, or even just a little extra TLC. Remember, not every fix has to be expensive. Find those inexpensive front yard curb appeal fixes to save your budget. Selling a house is a stressful process. estimating budgets and selecting which areas of your house need work, can make the process seamless.

Repair or Update Siding

No matter the material of your siding, having the exterior of your home look well cared for starts with the siding. Having a siding contractor come out to determine the damage, if any, to the exterior of your home. As it is a popular choice for homes, vinyl siding replacement is common. Replacing your vinyl siding also opens up the option of a color change; vinyl comes in several different colors and styles.

If your exterior is stucco, look for any cracks. Small cracks happen over time and stucco repairs can be an easy process of fixing them with sealcoating. Inspect the exterior to ensure that there are no larger cracks or damaged areas. If there are many noticeable spots, it may be time to consider hiring a contractor to make the repairs for you.

Whether you make the decision to repair or install new siding, rent a power washer. Dirty siding, no matter how new it is, still gives off the impression of disrepair. While you are showing your house, you can give the impression of having new siding by keeping it clean.

Repair Your Roof

When it comes to inexpensive front yard curb appeal, roof repairs benefit both the appearance and value of your home. Having an updated and maintained roof is one of the most important parts of a house. Even a single missing shingle can lead to the potential of a leak into the home. The best roofing companies evaluate all areas that may be in jeopardy. While it may seem easy to do it yourself, professional roofing companies can identify things that you may be missing.

To the untrained eye, patching and replacing a few missing shingles sounds easy, but a missing shingle can be an indicator of a serious problem. Leaks can happen for several reasons that may not be obvious at first glance and include; broken or bent shingles, cracked flashing, cracked vent booting, improperly sealed valleys, and dam build-up. Left unrepaired, the actual frame of the roof can be damaged, which is a much larger repair than simply having a roofing contractor repair the leaks before they progress.

Roofing contractors will also inform you if you need gutter repair. Leaky or broken gutters can make even the best roof look unkempt. Clean all debris from the gutters before you plan on listing your house. Pay close attention to downspouts as well. Are they draining in proper areas? There is no saying that a potential buyer will be looking at your home in perfect weather. Downspouts that leave large puddles or run back towards the house are a cause for concern. A poorly placed or damaged downspout can cause severe damage to the foundation of a home, making it far less appealing to potential buyers.

Don’t Forget the Garage

Garage doors, like any other part of the home, break down over time. As the garage is typically visible from the street, garage door repairs should be high on your list. If the garage door is visibly damaged or has noticeable signs of wear and tear, consider replacing the entire garage door. If the exterior is visually appealing, ensure that the interior aspects of the garage are in proper working condition. Check the garage open motor to ensure that the coils and any electronics inside the motor are up to date and do not need replacing. You may also want to consider replacing the garage due to noise. Especially for potential buyers who have work early in the morning, or return late at night, having a loud garage door is less than desirable.

The Driveway and Walkways

Your driveway is an important front yard curb appeal fix. If your driveway has developed significant cracks over time, it may be in your best interest to replace it. When a potential buyer is surveying the outside of the house, one of the things that they are evaluating is how much it will cost them to do repairs and if it’s worth it. Cracks grow over time, especially in climates where there is snow and ice present. As the water gets into the cracks, it expands, causing the cracks to grow. You can mend cracks by using a crack filler. The filler provides a barrier against further damage, meaning that the driveway will have a cleaner look to it.

If you have concrete walkways leading up to your front door, check for cracks there as well. If your walkway is made up of pavers, be sure that none have shifted. Weed and spray in between pavers to keep them looking neat. Cracks in pavers can be fixed. It all depends on the level of damage and the style of the paving stones. By using polymeric sand, pavers that have small cracks can be repaired.

While the front of the house might make the first impression, potential buyers will view all aspects of the outside of the home before deciding to move forward. Backyard walkways and patios should also be inspected if they require repair. All paved areas around the home should be damage free. Remember, you’re hoping that the outside is enticing enough that they need to see the inside.

Improve Outdoor Living Deck and Patio

Design your outdoor living deck or patio area to be an inviting oasis. First, ensure that your deck does not have peeling paint or areas of visible damage. Ensure that your deck is up to code, are the guardrails sturdy and at a proper height, do the steps have handrails, are the support columns beneath sturdy? Inspect beneath the deck to check that there is no termite damage./p>

Having a few pieces of furniture or decorative pieces can let potential buyers create a picture of what life could be like in that space. A few accents to make it look cared for and lived in can make a world of difference. Permanente outdoor features and appliances – such as outdoor kitchens, bars, pools, or spas -should be inspected. If they need cosmetic repairs, these can be done by you. If there is larger damage, it doesn’t hurt to have a contractor come out to assess it. Backyard living spaces are increasing in popularity and can be a large selling point for a property.

Doors and Windows

Replacing your exterior doors can breathe new life into the curb appeal of your home. People who replace their front doors when selling their homes see a positive response from prospective buyers. It not only enhances the look but can also increase the market value.

An area that needs to be considered is if you want to make repairs or replace windows which may not be an inexpensive front yard curb appeal fix. While windows do increase the curb appeal of your home, they are expensive. If the windows do not look damaged, consider making small improvements, such as replacing the sealant and washing them regularly while your house is on the market.

Brighten With Lights

Repair and replace any outdoor lighting that is currently not working. Lighting may seem like a minor repair or addition, but having bright lights can add to the appeal. Lighting fixtures on porches should be inspected to ensure that they are operating at their full capacity. No one wants to fumble in the dark to get into their home. If you have a long walkway, check to make sure that all the lights along it are in proper working condition. Depending on the style of inground lights you have, they can break easily and will need to be repaired or replaced. Outdoor lighting is an easy problem to remedy and makes the property feel more secure.

Flood and motion detection lights on garages can be a huge draw. Repair or replace any older lights that are attached to the garage. When a potential buyer is evaluating a house, security is one of the major factors that they consider. If you’ve bought a new home, you want to feel safe in it. Even if it is simply replacing the bulb with a brighter version, checking these lights makes your house seem safer from a curb appeal standpoint.

If you have a water feature in your backyard, make sure that it is in good working condition. When you are listing your home for sale, you never know what time of day someone might notice your property. Repairing lights and having them on a working display only make your curbside appeal more enticing.

Simple Fixes

Not every project needs to be a huge undertaking; inexpensive front yard curb appeal can be achieved by making simple aesthetic changes. If you have large trees on your property, consider hiring a tree trimming service. Pruning trees and bushes not only makes your house look more appealing, but the process can raise the market value of your home. Trees that are close to the house pose the risk of limbs falling and damaging your roof or the siding. A professional tree trimming service will also evaluate if trees are in poor health and make recommendations about potentially dangerous areas.

Giving your lawn a little love can go a long way. Repairing dead or damaged spots and killing weeds can transform a yard. Ensure that you are practicing proper lawn care techniques – including mowing and applying treatments when necessary. Consider too how the rest of your landscaping currently looks. Does it flow together? Do you have an assortment of foliage? When people are looking to purchase a new home, they’re looking for something that can change their life, they want that perfect image

Add Some Elements That Stand Out

It may seem like nothing, but adding a pop of color with painted accents in the front of your home can catch the eye of a potential buyer. Using bright colors that complement your siding and style of house on the trim or your front door can make your curb appeal stand out from the houses around you.

Replacing house numbers and mailboxes with updated ones that have a little more flare makes a difference. It will look better than the previous run-down ones and is another area that will draw people’s eyes. Don’t forget decorations. These can be as simple as furniture on your front porch if you have one or decorative plant holders.

Putting The Effort In

When looking at homes for sale, people want a home that makes a strong impression when they first pull up. Improving curbside appeal on your home can increase your chances of selling your home quickly. It’s important to keep in mind that when you are selling a house, you are selling a lifestyle, and you want to make it as attractive as possible. Selling a home is a stressful process, but simply improving curbside appeal with repairs can make your property all the more desirable to potential buyers.

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