There Are Ways You Can Do Pest Control on Your Own

There’s nothing like home. Unfortunately, there are many species of pests that agree that there’s nothing like your home for their home. These pests can range from ants to snakes. There are things you can do to be your own exterminator. Aruza Pest Control shows you how.

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If you have a very bad infestation, where the pests are getting you sick or if local officials are threatening to condemn your home, then just call an effective pest control company to get the fastest results. Clean up clutter to help the exterminator gain access to areas that need treatment.

You need to go through your home and fill in any small cracks and crevices that pests can crawl through. Remember that mice can squeeze through a crack that’s only one-fourth of an inch wide. For any gaping holes around piping or wires, use copper mesh. Make sure there is a cap on your chimney.

Aruza Pest Control recommends using an over-the-counter pesticide called Ortho Home Defense. Apply it in a four inch swath around doors, windowsills, in corners of the baseboards, and under any cabinets. Outside, apply Ortho Home Defense in a one-foot barrier around all of your home’s perimeter. It needs to be applied every two or three weeks outside, but only once a year inside.

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