Learn the Best Way to Apply an Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating on your garage floor is a great way to keep the floor looking great, to protect it and to help you get a floor that looks absolutely perfect. If you are not to do the coating on your own, epoxy coating services are a great option that can help you get your floor coated. The first step is to clean the floor thoroughly.

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You can use acid to help clean the floor to remove things like oil, dirt, and grime. The acid is also going to etch the surface of the floor to help the epoxy adhere.
You then need to rinse the floor and allow it to fully dry. After the floor is dried, you need to mix the epoxy. It comes in two parts, part a and part b. You mix the two together then allow it to sit for 30 minutes. After it sets up you need to apply it with a roller to help get a smooth and even surface. You allow it to dry then add another coat. The second coat is going to help make sure that it is even, that it is uniform and that it looks great.

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