Plumbing Costs Increase Due to Winter Storms

If you live an area prone to winter storms, you probably know how to prepare for them properly. You know to move your car, get your generator ready for the possibility of power failure, and stock up on food and other essentials in case you’re homebound for a few days. But do you consider your pipes? Plumbing companies urge you to be prepared for potentially freezing pipes. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a shockingly high bill from the plumbing company.

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But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can prevent that fate.

The most powerful action you can’t take towards pipe freezing prevention is also a very simple one. Just let your faucets drip! Letting a faucet dribble out a small but constant stream of water can prevent your pipes from freezing. Plumbing experts suggest that allowing faucets to produce just a gallon of water an hour is usually enough to prevent the pipes from freezing entirely. This could save you massive amounts of stress in the future, and not to mention the hundreds of dollars that plumbing services can cost.

You may be worried that this is a “waste of water.” While this is true, the amount of water wasted is a very small amount. This amount is extremely insignificant compared the amount that would be wasted with a freezing bust.

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