10 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Home Really Clean

Keeping your home really clean isn’t just a way to preserve its value, but it’ll also allow you to enjoy a much healthier home, especially when it comes to dust, dirt, and air quality. Whether you’ve just moved into a home for the first time or you’re settling into a new residence, you’ll want to prioritize cleaning various areas of the property routinely to minimize buildup and significant preventable messes from spiraling out of control. With a set cleaning routine in place, you’ll find it much easier to keep your home really clean, regardless of your household size and the size of your lot overall.

1. Clean Your Drains

Clean Your Drains

Taking care of the cleanliness of your home is not just limited to visible surfaces. As a homeowner, you’ll also need to keep an eye on the drains in your home, even if they’re not visible to the naked eye. Routine maintenance of drains can help with proper drain cleaners, inspections, and the use of strainers on all the drains throughout your home. If you believe you’re dealing with a clog or backup in your home, however, you may want to work with a local residential plumber to conduct the thorough inspection you require.

Working with a local residential plumber is one of the quickest ways to determine the root cause of sewage backup, clogs, and other issues you might be experiencing with your toilets or sinks. Residential plumbers can also provide thorough inspections of drains and, in some cases, even entire sewer lines, if necessary. When you’re working with a professional local residential plumber, you can also streamline the process of cleaning the drains in your home even if you’re new to doing so alone.

2. Repair Any Damage

Anytime you notice an issue such as a crack in the wall, chipped paint, or even water damage, you’ll want to repair it immediately. Repairing any damage that occurs to your home as quickly as possible will prevent the issue from becoming a major repair or replacement job. If you’re dealing with water damage after a flood, searching for professional water damage cleaning providers near you is highly recommended. While you may be tempted to use a traditional at-home drain cleaner, this will not always render the ideal results you’re seeking, even if you invest in the highest quality product on the market.

Attempting to remove standing water from your home is not only risky in terms of electrical shocks (if your electricity in the home is still on), but it can also lead to potential health issues. Respiratory problems and infections are not uncommon when you’re exposed to standing water that may already contain mold and other forms of bacteria. Water remediation specialists and water damage professionals will not only help streamline the removal of any water from your home and its surroundings, but they’ll also do so with the proper safety gear and equipment in place.

3. Clear Your Chimneys

If your home has a chimney, and you’re determined to keep it as clean as possible, you’ll want to take time to maintain the chimney at least once a year. If you want to ensure your home is really clean, but you’re not sure how to do so when it comes to inspecting and cleaning your own chimney, you can turn to professional chimney contractors to get the job done right. Those who work with chimneys professionally are well-versed in conducting inspections, basic repairs, and even removals or replacement jobs of chimneys, depending on your needs, budget, and the current condition of your home’s chimney.

Hiring a professional chimney inspector or repair professional is advisable to prevent potential injuries or damage to your home’s chimney itself. Professionals who specialize in chimney repairs and inspections aren’t just experienced, but they’re also licensed and insured to provide their services to residential customers. When you work with a professional chimney expert, you can also determine the overall condition of your chimney, which may help better prepare for a replacement chimney in the future, depending on the outcome and results of your inspection.

4. Refresh Your Carpet

Refresh Your Carpet

Homes with carpets must be maintained regularly, especially if you’re intent on keeping your home really clean, even if you have children and pets in the household. Carpet cleaning is essential in any home with carpets that are used daily, regardless of the type of carpeting you’ve installed throughout your home. If you’re unable to clean your carpet thoroughly with an at-home carpet cleaning solution, you can work with a local carpet cleaning company to better assess your house’s cleaning needs ahead of time.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is highly recommended if you have children and pets in the home, and you routinely vacuum. A professional carpet cleaner will arrive on-site with commercial-grade carpet cleaning equipment that will help get to the bottom layer of any type or style of carpet you have in the home. Commercial-grade carpet cleaners will provide you with the spotless results you’re looking for and may not be able to achieve with the use of a simple at-home carpet cleaner.

5. Wash Your Windows

If you want to keep your home really clean, you can do so by taking the time to regularly wash your windows. Washing both the interior and exterior of your windows will make your home more appealing while keeping it clean year-round. If you’re unable to reach windows on a floor above ground level or if you cannot clean the exterior of your home’s windows on your own, reaching out to a local window cleaning company can help.

6. Clean Your Roof

One of the areas of the home you’ll want to keep really clean year-round is your roof. The roof is an integral part of any home or commercial building, regardless of the climate you’re in and the size of the structure itself. Cleaning your roof is a way to prevent debris, leaves, and dirt from building up on the roof itself, which can put excess weight onto the internal structure of the roof.

Similarly to when you’re cleaning the exterior of your home or an arch kit in your garden, you can also clean your home’s roof with the use of pressure washing. Pressure washing is one of the safest methods to consider when you’re interested in cleaning your roof thoroughly. If you’re not sure how to get started with the process of pressure washing or if you don’t own a pressure washer of your own, you can hire a local pressure cleaning company that specializes in residential roof cleaning.

Working with a pressure cleaning company is a way for you to assess the current condition of your roof and which areas require the most attention with a complete inspection. Pressure cleaning professionals are also well-versed in selecting the right equipment and pressure levels when it’s time to clean a residential roof, based on the materials used in your roof and your roof’s overall condition. A pressure cleaner will also ensure the job is done properly while preserving the base of your roof.

7. Spruce Up Your Floor

Spruce Up Your Floor

Maintaining a really clean home is not possible without tending to your floors. The floors throughout your home will pick up dirt, dust, and debris daily, especially if you have a relatively active household or if you have pets and children who wander the home each day. If you want to ensure your home is as clean as possible, you’ll want to spruce up your floor with a thorough cleaning. For homes with outdated flooring or flooring that’s no longer serving its use, working with a local floor contractor is a way to learn more about replacement options, especially if you’re working on a limited budget.

Hiring a professional flooring specialist is a way for you to learn more about the current state of your home’s flooring, whether your home has plenty of hardwood, tile, ceramic, or carpeting. When you’re working with a professional who specializes in floor maintenance, cleanings, and installation, you can also learn more about the trending floor types that are on the market and suitable for your home before you make a decision. Compare prices, manufacturers, styles, and colors of flooring when you’re working alongside a flooring contractor before you choose the new flooring that’s just right for your home.

8. Clear Up Your Pool

If you own a swimming pool, you’ll want to ensure it remains really clean year-round, even when it’s not in use. Clearing up your swimming pool is possible by routinely skimming the pool while also maintaining proper levels in terms of pH whenever you’re planning on swimming. If you’re trying to prepare your swimming pool for the summer months, but you’re unsure of where to get started, finding pool cleaning companies near you can provide you with the services you need.

9. Prevent Clutter and Pests

When you’re committed to keeping a really clean home, you’ll also want to prevent clutter and the potential for a pest infestation in your home. Preventing pests and clutter matters, whether you’re planning to live in your home for many more years or if you want to sell your home with the biggest ROI, or return on your investment, possible. Take time to de-clutter your home at least once every year to eliminate junk from piling up or becoming homes for new pests of all types, depending on where you’re located.

Discovering a pest infestation in the home can be devastating, especially if you’re unsure of how to address and tackle the issue on your own. Finding a home pest control company can help identify the type of pest that’s invading your home to determine the best course of action or remediation to take. Depending on the type of pests you discover in or around your home, a traditional residential pest control company or a wildlife control company may be best.

Professional pest control companies and contractors are well-versed in pinpointing potential entrances into the home where pests are entering. They can also help identify the type of pests that are invasive in your area and region based on your location. From fumigation services to setting traps, you can work with a pest control expert to determine the best method to eliminate pests entirely from your home with minimal risk to your surroundings.

10. Clear Your Gutters

Clear Your Gutters

If you’re determined to keep your home really clean, regardless of the season and time of year, you’ll want to tend to your home’s gutters, especially as new seasons pass and arrive. Clearing and cleaning your gutters is imperative if you want to prevent the buildup of leaves, branches, dirt, and other debris from accumulating in your gutters, which can lead to even bigger problems. Allowing gutters to become clogged will not only render them useless or less efficient but also make it much more challenging for you to prevent standing water from occurring on your roof, which can lead to roof-related issues.

Anytime you’re thinking of cleaning your gutters, but you don’t know where to begin, you can turn to seamless gutter companies or local gutter contractors near you for help. A professional who specializes in cleaning gutters will help you better understand your needs based on the current condition and type of gutters you have installed around the exterior of your home. When you’re working with a professional who provides gutter cleaning to residential clients, you can also learn more about when the time may be right for you to think about investing in brand-new gutters, especially if your current system is outdated or is no longer working as efficiently as it should, even when it’s properly cleaned.

As a homeowner, keeping your house really clean is vital whether you’re planning to sell it on the market in the future and you want to boost your ROI, or if you want to live in the healthiest environment possible. The more you know about proper cleaning methods that are ideal for the home, the easier it’ll be for you to implement the right cleaning routine and solutions in your own house. By working with the right professionals and knowing which resources are available near you, it’s much easier to keep a clean home year-round.

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