Sell carbide, make a profit

Tungsten carbide scrap

Are you looking to get rid of all the carbide scrap metal that you have hanging around? Do not just throw it away. Sell carbide to this well known scrap carbide buyers in the country, and they will recycle it and repurpose it. Also, depending on where you are located, this company will even sort the carbide scrap or tungsten carbide scrap, whatever you have, and pick it up for free.

If you are looking to make some money, sell carbide. Specifically, sell carbide to this company. Carbide scrap prices are around thirty five dollars a pound. However, since the demand for carbide scrap metal is high, this company may even be willing to pay more for it. The high demand is due to the fact that carbide scrap metal can be recycled and used to make anything from scratch resistant jewlery to ammunition.

Not sure how to advertise that you have carbide scrap for sale? Simply run an ad in the paper that says either sell carbide scrap or sell scrap carbide. Sell, of course standing for selling. If you put an ad in the paper, the probability is great that this company, which has been in business for over twenty five years, will be one of the first companies to answer your ad. As mentioned before, not only will this company sort and pickup the carbide and tungsten carbide scrap at no extra cost. They will also help you fill out all of the required paperwork and find the lowest shipping rates. Their experience with USA import and export requirements make this part of the selling process a breeze.

It is obvious that many people out there simply throw their old metal scraps away. Next time you take out the trash, think before you throw your scrap metal in with all of your other garbage. By taking a minute to think about using this company to purchase and recycle your scrap metal, you could possibly walk away with some extra cash in hand.

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