Three Ways to Make Over Your Master Bathroom

Bathroom vanities

Imagine you’re slated to appear on a modern version of MTV’s Cribs. Would America be interested in what your master bathroom looks like?

From wall-mounted toilets to glass-door showers and every tiny embellishment in between, the modern American bathroom is nothing short of a work of art. But depending on how old your home is, yours might be closer to a fading fresco. Don’t fret — you can always think of it as an empty canvass and start working on your brand new masterpiece. Need a little getting started? How about trying:

Bathroom Sink Cabinets

We all love snooping around people’s medicine cabinets, whether we admit it or not. There’s something exciting and tempting about the mystery behind a closed door, and if they person whose home we’re in is essentially a stranger, the excitement is only heightened. Modern bathroom cabinets come in a wide variety of styles — good news for the folks who are bored by the basic pull-open design. Look out for sliding glass cabinets, matching bathroom double sink vanities for his and hers and push-click styles all creeping their way into 2014.

Large Whirlpool Baths

What’s a master bathroom without the grand master bathtub? Large corner bathtubs have been the dominant design choice for a long time because of how they put some regal flair into the empty space. But since this is the 21st century, there’s much more a focus on the environment now than there ever has been before. Choose large whirlpool baths that are big on saving water and you’ll not only save the planet, you’ll save some cash on your utility bills as well.

Skylight and More Windows

The latest trend in contemporary bathrooms is openness. From standalone toilets to skylight and taller windows, bathrooms are becoming less private in 2014. If that weirds you out a bit, that’s fine — you can always install some kind of divider between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom. But trends anticipate bathrooms will only get more open, especially when it comes to allowing more natural light in.

Whether you deck your bathroom out in new large whirlpool baths or some kind of futuristic self-flushing toilet, what matters is that you should be happy with the end result. And of course, if you’re sharing a bathroom with a partner, always consult him or her before making any sudden remodeling decisions. So, about appearing on that episode of Cribs

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