The Construction Industry In The United States Is Rising Exponentially Why?

Rent construction equipment

A construction company is only as good as the tools at their disposal. Due to the precarious nature of the job, even a slightly faulty boom lift or ladder can mean significant risk to employee and customer alike. Likewise, quality portable lifting equipment goes above and beyond the call to ensure a safe and efficient job well done. The United States has enjoyed significant boons in construction and roofing industries over the past few years, from aerial lift parts to electric boom lifts, and has given countless contractors different types of equipment to choose from. Portable lifting equipment, designed with the express purpose of transporting heavy or precarious loads from point A to point B, have seen notable rises in recent years.

Construction In The States

Before renting construction equipment, it’s ideal to learn a little more about the needs of companies and consumers alike. With a market share of around 10% and multiple international connections, the United States is the second largest construction market worldwide. Both private and commercial buildings are worth nearly $300 billion stateside. There are over seven million men and women employed in construction industries and, with continuing advances in technology, that number is expected to increase as construction becomes safer, more accessible and increasingly necessary for day-to-day life. Construction industries include roofing, sheet work, design and agriculture.

Roofing And Design

The roofing construction industry is a lucrative one, raking in tens of millions of dollars every year in repair, installation and design — there are an estimated 50,000 establishments across the country working night and day to provide siding and sheet metal work to the populace. It’s expected to grow a stunning $5 billion over the next several years, thanks in no small part to increased awareness about conventional roofing materials. Due to eco-friendly measurements pushed by various companies and government-sponsored ventured, solar panels are becoming a popular choice for homeowners.

Platforms And Loaders

Portable lifting equipment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to support dozens of industries stateside and worldwide. By the time 2015 rolled around, the global construction equipment market has grown to an impressive $145 billion — this includes, but isn’t limited to, construction light towers, aerial scissor lifts and ladders. Alongside crawler dozers and aerial work platforms, wheel loaders proved a common necessity and ranked among the most important product categories back in 2011. Protective gear must be worn at all times to reduce the risk of a severe accident when operating renting equipment.

Safety Tips

There are little tips that need to be adhered to in order to protect everyone involved in a project. For starters, ladders should be used for those of short height or for difficult-to-reach areas. The allotted payload of a scissor lift or boom lift should never be exceeded to avoid tipping, which can be fatal in extreme cases. Protective gear, such as helmets and gloves, need to be worn to minimize day-to-day risk of burns and bruises. Last, but not least, choosing the right portable lifting equipment for the job will save both time and money in the long run.

Construction Lift Equipment

Portable lifting equipment comes in a wealth of sizes and materials, to better suit the increasingly varied needs of countless industries. Telescopic handlers, also known as telehandlers, are machines widely used in agricultural fields. The most common attachment for a telehandler is a pallet fork, used to move loads to and from places considered unreachable or difficult for a conventional forklift. Construction equipment is both heavy and delicate, requiring deep firsthand knowledge of the manufacturer as well as handling instructions to use properly. With the light equipment industry expecting to increase by 11% in the next few years, portable lifting equipment’s future is looking bright.

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