Purchase the Right Size Generator Calculate Your Wattage Needs in Advance

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When you’re planning to purchase a generator, you want to be sure that you have the right size to provide for your needs during an event, outage or emergency. A generator size calculator can assist you with determining the minimum level of wattage that you will require. You may, however, want to have more than just the minimum level required to meet your basic needs.

Whether you think you will just need a small emergency generator or a whole house generator, it’s still important to calculate your basic wattage needs in advance. This way, you will have sufficient electricity to meet your needs in the event of a power grid outage or other situation.

Creating a prioritized list of electrical appliances and devices is a good place to begin. Once you have this list, you can run it through a generator size calculator to determine how much wattage each item generally demands. After you’ve obtained the total watts that you need, you’ll have a better idea of what size generator to purchase.

It’s easy to determine how much wattage you’ll need for light fixtures such as lamps. In addition to being printed on packaging, wattage is usually inscribed directly on light bulbs. There are different types of light bulbs, of course, so you may also want to look into purchasing high-efficiency light bulbs.

While lights may turn on immediately, it’s important to note that other appliances and devices will require more electrical current before working. Given this, it is recommended that you choose a generator with a higher peak power rating than what you initially thought you might need. If you’re purchasing a generator for your home, for example, then experts in the field recommend a minimum of 4,000 peak watts.

From January-to-June 2014 alone, 130 power grid outages were reported. Given current extreme weather conditions and events, it is not absolutely clear how many homes are experiencing these outages. Part of being prepared for inclement weather that can cause power outages is to have a well-maintained generator.

When you contact generator installers to purchase stand-by or other types of generators, you can discuss your basic needs and ask for recommendations. At this time, you can also learn more about emergency generator installation requirements, safety measures, and maintenance needs.

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