Tips for Selling Your House For Asking Price

Dryer repair

Selling your house can be overwhelming. You constantly have people requesting to visit your house, despite the fact that all of your belongings and family remains in it. You also have people regularly valuing your house and offering you their suggestions for improvements. You are likely to receive all types of offers, and if you are lucky, you will receive one that is close to your asking price. The following are a few commonly overlooked repairs and updates that can be completed prior to the home sale process. These repairs can increase the offers you receive and increase the amount that people are willing to pay for your house.

Appliance repairs
A broken appliance, although minimal compared to the overall price of the house, gives buyers a reason to offer you less. It adds to the list of improvements that they can provide you with the reasoning for their offered price. Broken appliances also make potential buyers look at your house as less valuable. Even if the cost of a repair is only a couple hundred dollars, it can actually cause someone to offer you thousands less on your asking price.

Broken appliances also make owners think about the amount of money they will have to spend to move into a house. Most people prefer to move to a house that is move in ready, requiring little to no repairs. This includes appliance repairs. If your dryer or dishwasher require repairs, spend the couple of hundred dollars to make them work like new again.

Oven repairs
There are a few aspects of a house that home buyers look for. One of the top levels of importance is the safety of the house. Many will even hire an inspector for a full inspection to ensure that the house is safe. Oven repairs that have not yet been completed can make home buyers worried. If a oven is not working properly, it can be a fire hazard. Ensure that your oven is in great working condition and does not contain any fire hazards. Your gas range oven should last 15 years before you think about replacing it. If you are close to the 15 year limit, it can actually be safer to just replace it entirely. The dryer should also be inspected and cleaned regularly to prevent fire hazards.

Purchase brand new appliances
Although the appliances in a home are not always included in the asking price, buyers tend to expect them to be included. Potential buyers are more likely to pay closer to the asking price, if they are offered newer appliances. In many cases, purchasing new appliance such as a new washing machine and dryer can actually get you more for the sale of your house.

New appliances can also increase the first look of value to those viewing it. When the appliances are newer and match better with the current layouts of the house, people are more willing to desire the house. New appliances often equates to a move in ready house. Although your washing machine should last 10 years before you have to think about replacing it, replacing it earlier to expedite the sale of your house may be needed.

Offer a home warranty
A large number of home buyers are hesitant about buying older houses or houses with older appliances because of the possibility of incurring high costs right after the sale. For this reason, many sellers are providing a home warranty as part of the sale. The home warranty can cover any appliances, including dishwasher repairs, dryers, fridges, and oven repairs. Your dishwasher should generally last 9 years before you have to think about replacing it. However, the age of the appliances do not matter to buyers if the seller is willing to cover the cost of repairs for a year after the sale.

Every year, thousands of people attempt to sell their house. They may receive their asking price with no problem or they may struggle with getting an acceptable offer. Homeowners who want to receive higher offers should ensure that their appliances are in working order, consider purchasing new appliances, and offer home warranties on the appliances to the buyer.

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