4 Tips Every First Time Landscaper Needs to Know

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A survey conducted by the Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals finds that 75% of adults in America feel it’s important to spend time in their yards. Many homeowners feel that their yard is a special space that is ideal for relaxing and entertaining. One great way to spruce up your lawn is through landscaping. Statistics show that landscaping can increase the resale value of your home by an average of 14%. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when taking on your first landscaping project. Following a few simple tips will help ensure your first landscaping project is a success. Here are five important tips to remember when beginning your first landscaping project.

  1. Determine Goals of Landscaping Project

    It’s important to take time to realize what you want out of a new landscaping project. Statistics show that 90% of people in America feel having a properly maintained yard is important. Certain homeowners may want to utilize their yard to begin growing fruits and vegetables. Many choose to have landscaping work started to create a more beautiful yard. Landscaping gives homeowners the freedom to create the ideal yard scenery of their choosing.
  2. Begin Utilizing a Small Amount of Space

    You’ve probably seen the television shows that transform a huge yard in a matter of weeks. However, it’s important to remember that these shows have hired huge amounts of workers. Starting out with too big of a project can make you feel overwhelmed very quickly. Feeling overwhelmed may mean you no longer want to landscape which you don’t want to happen. It’s best to start working with a small amount of space when first taking up landscaping.
  3. Study Where Sunlight Hits Home

    Every home will have areas that receive more sunlight during the day. It’s important to note where your garden will be placed in relation to brightly lit areas of the home. You don’t want to have plants that are sensitive to sunlight receiving large amounts of it. Too much sunlight may cause your landscaping dreams to turn into disasters. It’s wise to consult with a landscape designer to help determine where landscaping should begin.
  4. Be Patient

    Creating a beautifully landscaped area of your own takes time. A major key to having success with your first landscaping project is to be patient. You might find that certain plants don’t bloom the way you want them to. Nearly every gardener has had to deal with problems in the beginning. Starting your first landscaping project is one of the best ways to gain gardening experience. Sticking with landscaping will lead you to create many beautiful green spaces around your yard.

In closing, there are several important tips to remember before starting your first landscaping project. You’ll first want to determine what the goals are concerning your first landscaping efforts. Landscaping is commonly done to grow fruits, vegetables, and beautiful plants. Many homeowners find it beneficial to start out landscaping within a small amount of space. It’s important to study sun patterns, especially concerning which areas of the home receive the most sunlight. Many homeowners feel it’s worth the wait to create a beautifully landscaped yard.

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