How Local Garden Centers Can Take Care Of All Your Planting Needs

Do you consider yourself to have a green thumb?

Are you dreaming of warmer and sunnier days in the spring where you can have a beautiful lawn bordered by sunflowers and tulips and pansys and roses and dahlias?

Is gardening and planting a good way for you to get away from the stresses of everyday life and just relax?

Do you take a great sense of pride in beautifying your yard with flowers every year?

If you wholeheartedly agree with any of the above statements, you’re one of thousands of folks who get real enjoyment out of gardening. In 2016, the average American spent nearly $150 on gardening and in 2017, the average lawn and garden spend per household was around $500. In all, people taking a pride in gardening helped the U.S. home and garden market do more than $250 in business in 2017 alone.

Regardless of what your preferred outside activity (gardening, landscaping, etc), there are numerous benefits to picking up all your needed supplies at your local garden centers. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to gardening or you consider yourself a master gardener who’s planted for years, shopping at local garden centers are the places to go when you need gardening supplies and advice. Some of the benefits of visiting your local outside garden center include:

  • They’re local: One of the first and foremost benefits of your local garden centers is the fact that they are indeed local. Why does that matter? It matters because local garden centers are going to have local plants and flowers that are adapted to your local climate and can therefore grow very easily and be very low maintenance. Gardening centers depend on local growers for their flower supply, which means you can almost always find local flowers in stock.
  • Options: Another benefit of your local outside garden centers is there are plenty of options. If you’re a longtime gardener, odds are you’ve got some favorite flowers or must-haves that you plant every year. But an employee at a gardening center can offer suggestions if you’re looking for something new to add to the mix. Who knows? They might just suggest something you hadn’t thought of before that looks absolutely gorgeous in your front yard and becomes a new must-have. On the flip side, if you’re looking to plant something quick and easy, employees can help you find flowers that fit that mold too.
  • Deals: It doesn’t matter where you’re shopping or what you’re looking for, everyone loves deals. Gardening enthusiasts can usually find plenty of deals at local gardening centers whether it’s on tools or flowers or basic items like potting soil.
  • Advice: It’s true that your local outside garden center has plenty of flowers and soil and tools, but it also is a place to get lots of gardening advice. If you’re a rookie at gardening, your local garden centers can be the perfect spot to soak up as much knowledge as you can and to pick the brain of both employees and fellow gardeners. They’ll tell you everything you should know about how to plant, what to plant and when to plant so that your front yard looks immaculate. If you’re looking for beginner’s tips, gardening centers are a no-brainer when looking for places to go.
  • Variety: While you can pick up everything you need gardening-wise at your local gardening center, you can also pick up other items you may need, especially if landscaping is of interest to you.
    Whether you’re looking for wood chips or mulch for a landscaping project, or solar lights to put up in your backyard or some trees to plant around your property, a well-stock gardening center will give you the option of picking up all of those things and more.
    Again, while wondering the aisles of your local center, you may just happen upon something that either changes how or what you plant or your yard as a while. You may not think twice about objects like foundations and lighting or lawn ornaments, but they can really make your property stand out.

When it comes to planting, gardening and backyard work, a trip to your local garden center will help you stock up on everything you need.

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