Mistakes to Avoid When Building Screen Room Enclosures

If you own a pool, or plan on installing one, you may have seen neighbors with screen room enclosures. If you like the look of adding a screened-in porch or patio area to your backyard, this video offers insight on common mistakes to avoid when building screen room enclosures.

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Low Quality Materials

Unless you want to have to make frequent repairs to your new outdoor area, incorporating high-quality materials is essential to a long-lasting project. Doors to screen room enclosures are used frequently, so make sure your new door is up to the task.

Choosing a cheap finish will guarantee that repairs will need to take place in a few years. You also want to make sure that any small components, such as screws and fasteners, are made of materials that can stand exposure to the elements.

Incorrect Sizes

Using materials and components that are the wrong size can cause a number of issues concerning the structural integrity and durability of your new space. Too-small bolts, screws, and braces can cause instability as well as gapping, which may result in rust or even collapse.

Improper Installation

Many DIYers don’t understand how to properly construct a safe building or place gutters, so all of your hard work could be flimsy and, ultimately, dangerous!

It’s probably best to leave the building of screen room enclosures to professionals. As construction experts, they will know how to properly frame and build your new room.


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