Protect Your Home By Repairing Your Leaky Roof

Almost everything, including a residential roof, does get worn away with time. And it is due to the ongoing exposure to harsh elements, such as storms, rains, and wind. Residential roof inspection is something you should do after every high-wind event, and that’s often all it takes to discover the mauled or missing shingles, hopefully before a leak develops. Most homeowners are asked to opt-in for roof repairs and maintenance regularly and whenever required.

The best long-term residential roof repair is always to replace rather than repair damaged shingles. Today, several professional service providers help in residential roof repair and maintenance.

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However, you can also do your own roof repair.

Here is how to replace 15-year old shingles and stop that pesky leak: First, slide the flat end of the crowbar beneath the shingle immediately above the damaged shingle and lift it until its sealer strip comes free. Now that you’ve exposed the damaged shingle, pull the remaining with the crowbar and remove the shingle. Remove the damaged wood board. Replace with the new wood that is as exactly as the size of the cut area and screw it down. Pull the backing from the sealer strip of the replacement shingle, and slip the shingle into place. Next, align it with the shingles around it before securing it with four nails through its nailing tab.


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