Remodel Your Kitchen With Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

In this video by Gordon Van Vliet – the man behind Kitchens by Savina in Rochester, New York – you’ll learn about the Shaker style kitchen cabinet.

Watch until the end to discover why you should consider this kitchen cabinet style and how you can integrate it when you remodel. Since the cabinets are usually the center of attraction in your kitchen, you should only go for the best one to blend well with your kitchen design.

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The shaker design is the epitome of timeless style – bridging the gap between traditional and modern kitchen cabinetry. Whatever look you’re going for, a Shaker style kitchen cabinet is a great option.

Modern Shaker style cabinets are based on Shaker furniture from the nineteenth century. But this type of cabinet has improved significantly while still staying true to its traditional style – clean lines devoid of adornments.

You’ll never get tired of its versatile and timeless design, which looks great in both modern and conventional kitchens. If, after a few years, and you want to upgrade your kitchen, you can leave the cabinets untouched and still have them suit the style of your newly-renovated kitchen.

The color scheme of your cabinets will contribute significantly to how your kitchen will actually feel and look. Most people choose white since it’s synonymous with cleanliness and helps brighten up the kitchen – amplifying the room’s natural lighting.

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