Restoring Dull Pavers

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Over time, UV rays from the Sun and general wear and tear can cause your driveway pavers to be dull and faded. This video breaks down how to restore dull pavers with a unique dyeing process.

The pavers in your driveway are exposed to the Sun day in and day out. Coupled with wear and tear from driving and walking over the pavers, as well as branches and other debris, you can end up with faded and dirty pavers that look nothing like when you had them installed.

This is a common issue and one that can be addressed quickly and efficiently using paver dye. The dyeing process is different from staining as the dye is designed to allow for existing colors to pop, instead of covering it up with a new stain.

Dyeing is also a better option than just reapplying a clear sealer. Clear sealer is a waste of time and money if you are addressing dull pavers. It only adds protection and does nothing for the color of the pavers.

To get your pavers looking good as new, dyeing them is the way to go. It brings out the original color of the pavers, and can be coupled with a reapplication of sealer to maintain the lifespan of the pavers. For more information, click on the link to the video above.

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