How to Easily Clean Your Gutters

One of the most important parts of home maintenance is gutter cleaning. If the gutters are clogged, it will cause water damage that will cost you a lot of money. Here’s the list of tools and gutter cleaners you will need for gutter cleaning.

• Step Ladder
• Garden Hose
• Gutter Scoop
• Drill and Bits
• Spray Nozzle
• Pressure Washer
• Work Gloves
• Gutter Hardware
• Wire Hooks
• Latex Gloves
• Gutter Sealant
• Plumber’s Snake
• Ladder Stabilizer
• Gutter Guards

Perhaps you’re planning to have gutter cleaning, whether you do it yourself or hire someone to clean like
gutter cleaning Memphis or window cleaning Germantown. Here’s the process you need to know.

1. Prepare the ladder stabilizer to assist you in keeping an extension ladder in place. You can also use two buckets to make gutter cleaning more manageable.

2. Next is clearing the debris, like removing the leaves and twigs by hand. Then use a trowel or gutter scoop to have compacted debris.

3. Now, you can clean and move the downspout strainers. Once the large debris is removed, fit the garden hose with a spray to flush the gutter.

4. If the gutter is clog-free, check for drainage and proper flow. Make use of the hose to flush the gutters again this time. Check for any leaks and seal them when possible.

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