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    When to Hire a General Contractor

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    A residential general contractor is more than a home improvement expert. General contractors are home remodeling professionals who organize and lead larger projects that involve complex designs and architecture specified by the homeowner.

    So, when is it appropriate to hire general contracting services? Here are a few good rules of thumb to keep in mind. Hire a general contractor if:

    • The job will take longer than one week
    • The job requires a number of different professionals (i.e. electrician, plumber, painter, etc.)
    • The job requires permits

    Hiring a general contractor is beneficial when there are many different parts of a proj

    What you Should Know about Biomass Pellet Machine

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    Wood pellet machine

    According to Navigant Research, studies shoes that global revenues from biomass power generation are expected to scale the $11.5 billion mark annually by the year 2020. This is can only be acclaimed by the rate at which people are turning to pellet as a source of fuel.

    What is a Pellet or Pellet fuel?

    Biomass pellets are a form of biofuel primarily
    made from compacted organic matter or biomass such as food waste, energy crops, residues from agricultural plants, and virgin lumber. The most common type of pellet is the wood pellet manufactured from sawdust as its main component and other industrial wastes like construction waste materials and furniture wastes. Other sources of industrial waste can include palm kernel shel

    Improving Your Heating Efficiency

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    Fall weather is upon us. Many homeowners have had to turn on their furnaces to warm their homes already. The temperatures are dropping, and will only continue to get colder in the next few months. The first time that you turn on your furnace, you may experience some odd smells or have difficulty getting it to work properly. When the furnace sits all spring and summer without use, it may require an update or repair in the fall. With the cold weather quickly approaching, now is the best time to have your furnace repair needs completed.

    The funny smell that you experience after many months of non furnace use is from the accumulation of dust and debris. When the furnace is frequently used, this debris gets pushed off of the system and into the home. If the furnace is not properly cleaned during the summer months