3 Pervasive Roofing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

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    Every homeowner relies on their roof to keep their family safe and their house comfortable and dry. But unfortunately, many of us take our residential roofing for granted. Worse yet, we’re inclined to believe popular misconceptions about roof maintenance, repairs, and installation. These myths can often result in unnecessary wastes of time and money, as well as overall increased confusion and frustration. To that end, we’re debunking three of the most common myths roofing contractors hear about their industry and how you can better prepare your home for any situation.

    MYTH: If you need a new roof, your roofing contractor can simply install it right over the old one.

    Three Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Roofing Company

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    One of the main responsibilities of homeowners is to keep their houses as up to date and well-maintained as possible. This can encompass the typical renovation and decorating projects that a lot of us think of — but it also refers to practical matters, like the structural integrity of the house. The fact is that homes are investments, with most people eventually selling their houses and moving elsewhere; even if you live in a house for decades, you will likely want to sell your house at some point when you retire. Furthermore, even if you don’t end up selling your house, you need to consider your own personal safety and that of your loved ones. This is especially true when it comes to the roof — roofs are the main sources of weaknesses in typical homes, with lots of people finding that their roofs

    Why Skipping Gutter Cleanings Can Cost you Thousands

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    Regular gutter cleaning is an important part of keeping up your house. Many homeowners overlook the importance of gutter cleaning and the negative effects that avoiding this task can have in your house. Gutter cleanings should be completed at least twice per year, once every six months. Skipping over the task of gutter cleaning can lead the following home problems.

    Improperly working gutters

    Your gutters are there for a reason. They are not simply for show. When heavy rains and debris fall onto the roof, the gutters drain them off and onto the ground. Rain water and snow that melts can get extremely heavy and can put a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on the roof. When the gutters get clogged with leaves and other debris, the rain waters get stuck in the gutters. Over time, they get hea